Lubrizol Production Operator in Zhuhai, China

Production Operator


  • Operates equipment and monitors control panel in any work units. Based upon operating procedures, sets control to start automatic or manual valves to feed materials through the process unit. Opens and closes valves manually to transfer fluid chemicals to and from specified tanks and to processing area.

  • Lifts 50 pound bags of dry chemical filter aid and dumps into unit. May operate forklift to obtain chemical filter aids or to dispose of used filter cake. Opens or dismantles filtering equipment to facilitate cleaning. Scrapes plate and frame to remove excess material filtered out of product. Removes and replaces filter paper into plate and frame to prepare equipment for filtering at maximum capacity.

  • Opens valves at designated areas to extract samples at specified stages of production for analysis. Writes information on container to identify sample, and conducts simple tests or routes sample to laboratory for testing. Utilizes test results, laboratory analysis and instrument readings to facilitate regulation of process to produce standardized product.

  • Observes instruments, gauges and flow meters at stated time intervals in the control room and/or in the plant area, and records the readings such as temperature, steam pressure, boiler levels and flow rates to maintain complete operating records on blending sheet. Review recorded readings, and applies knowledge and experience to assure temperature, flows and pressures are always in balance according to specifications.

  • Disassembles clarification equipment a minimum of one time per week using hand tools to facilitate cleaning.

  • Fills drums using automatic filler hose to predetermined weight, and affixes identifying information such as batch number and date to prepare for shipment of product.

  • Unloading and loading rail tanks, ISO tanks or other bulk tanks by following up written work instruction.

  • Clears the work areas after operating and ensure all safety and environment protection measures in practice. REQUIREMENTS – EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE, SKILLS: Education / Certification University degree or above in science disciplines , chemical preferred Required Experience: Up to 2 years working experience in manufacturing industry, chemical related preferred, not required Language Skills: English: can read well and daily speak

Job Segment: Chemical Research, Industrial, Equipment Operator, Laboratory, Warehouse, Engineering, Manufacturing, Science