Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. PG Operator-Level 1 in Wuxi, China

POSITION SUMMARY Purpose Filling gas cylinder in safe, quality conformed and high efficiency manner following the procedure.Implement quality assurance document for package gas, ensure the products conform to quality code, avoid significant quality incident, reduce the cost caused by quality issues, especially for electronic customers. Nature and Scope The job holder is the leader operator for the package gas in Wuxi plant. He/she will report to the plant supervisor who is responsible for the plant operation. The job holder’s responsibility covers filling gas cylinder, make sure the safety target, efficiency target and quality target for the operation shifts. The plant is situated in Xishan district, Wuxi city on a site of 9162 square meters. The plant produces a range of cylinder gases. The plant purchases raw material of gas in the form of cryogenic liquid contained with big vessel from intercompany. Then the liquid gas transferred into small cryogenic containers or vaporized, pressure raised with pump or compressor and injected into cylinders. Total capacity is round 0.2 million cylinders/year. Reporting to the job holder will be 24 operators covering filling and analysis. He/she need also perform the cylinder filling, products analysis, complaint survey, set daily production plan and operation shifts management. The major challenge of the job is to get the operation team to follow procedures to reduce defective products and improve the operation efficiency. Another challenge is to handle the complaint promptly and get the correction/prevention measures implemented. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1.Safety Comply with Air Products safety procedure.Lead and implement leader operator safety activities, be responsible for the quality team safety.Join safety incident survey, develop and carry out the prevention actions.Check and eliminate safety issues proactively.Develop production site house-keeping plan and make the responsible area in order. 2.Filling Follow up the operation procedure.Get necessary licenses required for the operation.Complete the daily tasks including cylinder preparation, filling, record, tool use and relevant work arranged by supervisor.Check the production equipment/tools before operating every day and keep the equipment in right status at shift ends. Report the issues if any.Perform the filling record following quality procedure. 3.Quality Follow the quality assurance system.Implementing quality plan and evaluating plan.Execute quality data collection and analysis, draft the improvement plan.Survey and analyze any quality issues and follow up till all correction/prevention measures implemented.Organize monthly quality meeting with operation team.Monitor the production process, prevent and correct any improper operation.Track the production record, ensure its conformity and validation.Check the quality of raw material, cylinder, semi-finished products and products whether they are up to standard or not. If not, raise the disposing comment.Check the outsourced gases.Provide coach for operation team, improve team’s quality and safety awareness.Manage the inspection and measuring tools.Complete the tasks in management system relating quality, if necessary. 4.other Accept the reasonable position adjustment following supervisor’s arrangement if production resource/task changed. JOB REQUIREMENTS 1.Job Incumbent is expected to have bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Mechanic Engineering or other technology majors. 2.Job incumbent is expected to have 3+ years work experience.3.Good in communication skill.