Formsprag Clutch CNC Operator/ Rod Cell in Warren, Michigan

span style="font-family: Times New Roman;"span style="font-size: medium;"Formsprag Clutch in Warren, MI is currently looking for a Cell Operator to operate a CNC Lathe, Mill and Saw operator. /span/spanspan style="font-family: Times New Roman; font-size: medium;" /spanspan style="font-family: Times New Roman;"span style="font-size: medium;"ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES/spanspan style="font-size: medium;":/span/spanulliOperate CNC Lathe, Mill and Saw/liliOperate Inducto Heat Treat machine if necessary/liliPerform in-process inspections using a variety of measuring equipment/liliProduce parts by interpreting and understanding blue print requirements/liliPerform specialty programming or set ups/liliRecord labor and other production information on Hour by Hour sheets/liliFollows all safety and work rules./liliPerforms other duties as assigned./li/ul