ALCOA Power Plant Operator-Coal Handling in United States

Power Plant Operator-Coal Handling

  • Newburgh, IN 47630, USA

  • Full-time

Company Description

Alcoa Corporation is a global industry leader in the production of bauxite, alumina and aluminum, enhanced by a strong portfolio of value-added cast and rolled products and substantial energy assets. Alcoa Corporation draws on the innovation culture, customer relationships and strong brand of ParentCo. Previously known as the Aluminum Company of America, ParentCo pioneered the aluminum industry 128 years ago with the discovery of the first commercial process for the affordable production of aluminum. Since the discovery, Alcoa aluminum was used in the Wright brothers’ first flight (1903), ParentCo helped produce the first aluminum-sheathed skyscraper (1952), the first all-aluminum vehicle frame (1994) and the first aluminum beer bottle (2004).

Today, Alcoa Corporation extends this heritage of product and process innovation as it strives to continuously redefine world-class operational performance at its locations, while partnering with its customers across its range of global products. We believe that the lightweight capabilities and enhanced performance attributes that aluminum offers across a number of end markets are in increasingly high demand and underpin strong growth prospects for Alcoa Corporation.

Alcoa Corporation’s operations encompass all major production processes in the primary aluminum industry value chain, which we believe provides Alcoa Corporation with a strong platform from which to serve our customers in each critical segment.

Job Description

Operate and maintain coal conveyors, rail car dumpers, truck un-loaders, coal crushers, air compressors, coal sampling equipment, pumps, rail engine, large rubber tired and tracked mobile equipment and otherequipment and systems for transporting coal, coal ash, scrubber material, and alumina ore. Clean out coal conveyors, ash and coal silos, chutes, freeze crackers, feeders and other coal and material transfer points. Perform housekeeping of coal transfer areas with water hoses, etc.

Essential functions of the Job: The following duties of a Coal and Yard Equipment Operator are considered to be essential functions of the position:

  1. Operate Tripper Floor: Start belts; troubleshoot tripper system; place dust suppression in service; take silo readings; relocate tripper and fill silos; clean chutes; perform general housekeeping.

  2. Operate Car Dumper: Start associated belts; troubleshoot problem if needed; fill out dumper report; send test run sampler to tripper floor; adjust feeders to maintain flow; monitor and maintain belt scales;monitor and maintain SO2 target; collect truck tickets; stack out coal; perform general housekeeping as needed; operate water truck; respond to belt trips; pre-op locomotive; check out remote control system; pull up cars for dumping; dump cars; move empty car to lower yard; pre-op pickup trucks; and shut down system.

  3. Reclaim Coal: Pre-op tractor; setup sample system; operate reclaim conveyors and associated equipment; troubleshoot from crusher to reclaim area; push coal into hopper; clean chute; level truck area; fuel tractor; perform coal pile maintenance; assist in tractor servicing; operate belt de-icier; and check tunnel sumps.

  4. Perform Coal Handling System Maintenance: Visually inspect system; isolate system for maintenance; perform weekly housekeeping audit; perform freeze cracker inspections; change out idlers; PM compressor;check seal skirts; chain guard and reducer PM; sweep coupling PM; belt scraper PM; repair chutes and liners; PM magnetic separators; build scrapers; maintain sumps; perform motor coupling PM; change out pulleys; train conveyors; train feeder belts and reversing belts; service locomotive; perform monthly locomotive PM; install mechanical belt splice; assist in new installations and major repairs.

  5. Maintain railroad: Inspect rail system; check gauge on rail and request repairs; adjust switch point and lubricate; replace connector bar bolts; signal repair or replacement; point protector build-up repair;check/repair grounding and minor re-rail of derailment.

  6. Winter Prep Coal Handling: Check building insulation; place scrapers, picks, shovel on all transfer towers; check doors and windows; check HT water drain lines; check/fill deicer tanks; check drip stations; checkLP torpedo heaters; check cab heaters in all mobile equipment; park mobile equipment portable air compressor in tractor shed; check block heater, man-lift, and flop gate; adjust pulley scrapers and check ceramic brick; check air cannons; check LP tanks and weed burners; check heaters in supply building,car dumping building and analyzer building; lock and drain dust suppression at dumper; make up air lances; and valve out water at dumper tunnel and reclaim tunnel.

  7. Operate and Maintain Fly Ash Unloading System: Perform preoperational checks, start-up system and verify operation, perform PM; shutdown system at end of shift or shipping time and clean components and work areas. Use front end loader to clean sump.

  8. Operate and Maintain alumina ore dock unloading system: Perform preoperational checks, start-up system and verify operation, perform PM; shutdown system at end of shift and clean components and work areas.

  9. Coordinate Contractor Activity: Call and escort contractors; perform pre-job briefings; hold clearance for contractors; monitor contractor progress; and sign and verify time tickets.

  10. Participate in safety and Training: Participate in and perform pre-job briefings; attend and perform safety meetings; participate on safety committees and teams; conduct safety training; maintain electrical safety equipment,; perform mobile equipment checks; assist in confined space permitting; conduct housekeeping and safety audits; write procedures; perform on the job training; attend off site training.

Equipment/Tools including but not limited to: Hand tools, shovel, valve wrench, jack hammer, water lance, pry bars, basic mechanics hand and electrical tools.

Safety equipment/Personal Protective Equipment: (Not all required all the time.) Safety glasses, Hard Hat, Safety Boots ( Metatarsal, electrical hazard, grounded, steel toed), flame retardant clothing, long sleeveshirts, gloves, slicker suit, rubber footwear, hearing protection, respiratorand self contained breathing equipment, face shield, fire resistant jacket,fall protection harness and nomex suit.


Basic Qualifications:

Must have a high school diploma or GED with 3 years full-time light to heavy industrial power or mining work experience and have the ability to perform physically demanding work activities. Must be able to work day and evening shifts, and some weekends.

Preferred Qualifications:

3 to 5 years industrial experience in power plants, material handling or mining operations preferred.

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.