St. Luke's Episcopal Healthcare PBX Operator (Full-Time) in United States

Position Summary:

Provides call-processing services in the Health System-wide, centralized call processing operation serving Health System personnel, private practice physicians, residents, patients, and the public. Assists customers in obtaining information and services. Provides emergency and disaster alerting. Monitors equipment and Performs routine maintenance and trouble shooting tasks. Assists with clerical tasks as assigned.

Position Responsibilities:

  1. Assist customers in obtaining information, and services.

  2. Work with all levels of personnel and physicians to utilize effective customer service skills to provide assistance and handle problem situations.

  3. Demonstrates skills and ability to operate department equipment, and Performs operational tasks, including Pager exchanges.

  4. Demonstrates skills and ability to process diverse requests for information including incoming and outgoing calls, as well as emergency/disaster alerting.

  5. Demonstrates skills and ability to activate Health System and Departmental emergency plans including fire safety, medical emergency (code blue), and disaster and hurricane weather, as required.

  6. Demonstrates skills and ability to operate emergency communications equipment including telephone and paging notification systems.

  7. Demonstrates skills and ability to document technical and operational problems.

  8. Provide accurate documentation of work performed; provide timely and accurate information and reports to co-workers and management levels, summarizing problems and solutions.

  9. Accurately and effectively plan, organize, and control assigned tasks and responsibilities, leading to high productivity, quality, and responsiveness. Demonstrates effective organizational skills to ensure that the workload is processed in a timely manner.

  10. Assist the Senior Telecommunications Representative, and/or Manager in maintaining and updating department databases, including the Health System Directory, for call processing and paging, as well as locator information for physicians, employees, patients, and on-call personnel.

  11. Maintain an orderly work area, ensuring that equipment, supplies, parts, etc. are stored in cabinets, closets, or other designated areas.

  12. Develop and maintain knowledge and understanding of information technology, including operating systems, telecommunications, and networking.

Minimum Qualifications:

Education Level

*High School Diploma/GED


None Required

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

*Knowledge and understanding of telecommunications equipment and services including; Windows based software, preferably E-mail, Excel, Word, integrated tele messaging equipment, etc.

*Must have the ability to resolve problems and have excellent communication skills, telephone customer service, and interpersonal skills.

*Must be able to multi-task and maintain a positive attitude.

*Will sometimes be asked to serve on a project team that contributes to the improvement of morale and department performance.

*Provides recommendations for improvements, as well as contributions towards making the improvements.


*Zero (0) to one (1) Years of experience in call processing, dispatching, paging, and customer service.

Job: *Clerical / Admin / Business Support

Title: PBX Operator (Full-Time)

Location: Lufkin

Requisition ID: 1698655