Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. ASU Operator Level 2 in United States



This is a rotating shift position responsible for the day to day operation of Gen gas, purifier, hydrogen or ASU plants in EAP. Control & regulate the quality and capability of gas products, supervise the plant production, be responsible for the calibration of the analyzer, monitoring plants to keep them running well, filling of gas, safety inspection and the general inspection, assist the engineers to finish the maintenance and repairing of plant equipment and other assigned works.

Nature and Scope

This is a rotating shift position responsible for the day to day operation and asset management of the Generated Gases plants including Gen gas, purifier, hydrogen or ASU plants in EAP . These plants are operated 24 hours a day every day and as such this position is always “on call. The operator need monitoring and keeping all the plants running well and also making maintenance and supporting some new building plants in the future.


  • Monitor all the running plants and keep them running well, if some plants trip, need quickly response and notice maintenance team and help to have all problems to be solved quickly, ensure the reliability of supply GAN to customer.

  • Execute leader s direction and feedback the issues states. Keep all things done.

  • Responsible for plants starts/stops, troubleshooting and so on.

  • Keep effective communications with logistics, customers, ROC operation team, PMO team etc.

  • Implement performance management.

  • Implement new operator training and draft/update plant operating procedures.

  • Be responsible for the plant equipment safety during all the process;

  • Control the production process;

  • Be responsible for the daily plants operation, ensure high efficiency and safety, including process control, productivity and parameter adjustment, timely notice of trailer filling, etc;

  • Improve English skills, be able to read, speak and hear;

  • Daily cleaning ;


  • Be familiar with Gen gas or ASU plants, know well of the process and control.

  • Good knowledge in safety;

  • Honest, hard working, willing to make efforts for self-actualization;

  • Being suited to work in shifts;

  • Willing to work at EAP China.

  • Good team player;

  • Proactive, energetic, aggressive to learn.