Company Unknown Assistant Brewery Operator in United States

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Job Duties Packaging Dimension: Bottling: set-up, break down, clean and sanitize, and put away bottling machine. *Set Up: Boxes stacked on table, stickers loaded in labeler, table full of back up bottles, pallet of bottles by label machine and bottle pallets needed are in convenient place ready, cords and hoses correctly connected, buckets of water and sanitation are made and set out, waste/recycling boxes placed, rubber safety mats, pallets ready for stacking boxes -Boxes (to be made day before bottling day): have boxes made and six pack carriers stuffed in boxes for bottling. Get the number of boxes needed for the bottling day from the weekly agenda board. Stack made up boxes against the cooler wall. *Break down: Turn off and unplug all machines, check machines for any debris and broken glass, sanitize and clear machines of all excess water sweep floor of broken glass and bottle caps and put in recycling bin outside, clear floor of water with squeegee, put all cleaning material away (rods, boxes, buckets, water, cleaning solutions) *Clean and Sanitize Tank after bottling (when tank is empty of beer): clean inside with DART cleaner and water solution and outside of tank with PBC and water solution, put all cleaning material away to designated area. *Put away Bottling Machines: Carefully push all bottling machines out of walk way and against designated walls. Small Jobs: Once a week: *Used boxes from tavern will be forklifted to top of fridge storage area. *Stack Pallets outside 25 high (then new stack) in 4 different categories: Plywood Pallet, Grocery Pallet, Regular Pallet, Broken. *Clean Kegs and restack in "clean" keg area *Dump out sanitizer for brewing knick knacks and swap out with new batch As Needed: *Squeegee the floor of excess water *Stock kegs for Tavern crew *Clean Tanks, Walls, Doors of Black Mold (When you see it) USE GLOVES:Use a PBC and water solution and use scrub stick, Tanks: DART costic cleaner and water solution. *When grain pallet comes in stack grain with like grain in storage room *Make sure grain crushing area floor is free of excess grain *Keep inventory of grain *Keep storage room organized and functional.