Mohawk Industries Mine Equipment Operator in Van Horn, Texas

  • Performs Pre-operational inspections on mobile equipment in compliance with standard operating procedures and government regulations.

  • Maintains equipment in a clean and orderly fashion.

  • Understands safe operating procedures for a variety of pieces of equipment.

  • Communicated mechanical problems in a clear and timely manner with mechanics and management as needed.

  • Performs minor adjustments and lubrication within his/her competency level.

  • Understands and adheres to travel and loading patterns as trained.

  • Operates equipment in a manner that promotes efficiency and care of equipment.

  • Completes reports keeps records as required by supervision.

  • Keeps area safe, clean and organized.

  • Promotes and adheres to all safety and health policies of mine.

  • Complete all required training, including ergonomic, safety, health and environmental.

  • Identify and adjust workstation arrangement, work practices, and workflow to reduce risk factors

  • Report issues to supervisor/manager when unable to control risk factor/s.

  • Report symptoms of injury/illness and concerns when first noted.

  • Participate in incident investigation.

  • Use ergonomic equipment provided

  • Demonstrate safe work practices.

Performs other related duties as required.