WorkSource Oregon Machine Operators & Inspectors in Tualatin, Oregon

** Opportunity offered through a staffing service ** -Setup, adjustment and operation of production equipment and processes with emphasis on advanced automated machines. -Must be able to troubleshoot and identify causes of machine stoppages and quality issues. -Ensures all safety devices are in place, functional and in compliance with Company Safety policies and procedures. -Documents and maintains accurate production processes for all assembly equipment and systems. -Recommends improvements to the areas' equipment, systems and processes. -Performs tests, measurements and inspections on parts to insure product quality. -Operate computerized digital visual inspection equipment. **Requirements - Entry Level** -Strong written & verbal English communication -Familiarity with the metric system -Ability to navigate computer systems **Requirements - Level I-II** -The above entry level requirements and; -Experience operating molding, plating, assembly, packaging, or stamping automated equipment *Requirements - Level III** -All of the above requirements and; -The ability to independently set-up and troubleshoot related production equipment