Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Boiler Operator in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Boiler Operators will generally be responsible for operating and performing routine maintenance and repair on all equipment within the powerhouse with the exception of new installations, mechanical and electrical. Boiler Operators will operate and maintain steam boilers or hot water generators and associated equipment, including compressors, cooling towers, pumps, fans. Boiler Operators will also perform all other work related to their trade as may be required on utility assets equipment as directed by the supervisor or their designee (Shift Engineer).The Boiler Operators duties will include but will not be limited to the following:ulliThe safe operation and routine maintenance on all powerhouse utilities production equipment and related systems including steam boilers, hot water generators, compressors, cooling towers, water treatment equipment and other support systems and ancillary equipment/liliOperating powerhouse equipment to meet the day to day energy demands of the Chrysler manufacturing facility including the production of steam and compressed air at the quantities and specifications required by the manufacturing facility/liliThe monitoring of operating parameters and recording operating data, including production rates, fuel usage, electrical usage, pressures, temperatures, vibration indications, alarms and other pertinent information related to the safe operation of the powerhouse equipment/liliBoiler Operators will be required to promptly notify the USM or designee (Shift Engineer) of any unusual, abnormal or potentially unsafe operating conditions and to take action to mitigate any potentially unsafe condition or condition that if otherwise not corrected could result in out of specification energy production/liliThe operation of all cooling towers and heat exchangers that support the operation of equipment within the powerhouse/liliThe operation and routine maintenance associated with water treatment equipment for boilers, cooling towers, weld water systems and hot and cold water closed loops including the routine monitoring of water quality, the addition of water treatment chemicals to ensure the required water quality and the performance of routine maintenance of water treatment equipment including changing filters, adding salt to softeners, etc./liliThe de-energization (lock-out/tag-out) of all equipment within the powerhouse that is required to allow the safe performance of maintenance on such equipment/liliPerform routine maintenance on all powerhouse equipment, including predictive, preventive, and minor corrective maintenance/liliAssist contractors with work that is beyond the capability of the Boiler Operator, including tasks such as protective device calibration, etc./liliRecord and document all maintenance activities that are performed on powerhouse equipment including, utilizing a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to electronically document information and historical data/liliMaintain an adequate supply of spare parts including, belts, hoses, seals, lubricants, sensing devices, gauges, etc. as may be related to their trade in a designated storage area within the powerhouse/liliTroubleshoot and correct problems related to the proper monitoring, control and operation of powerhouse equipment/liliMaintain a clean and orderly work area ensuring that the area is left in an unobstructed and safe condition following the completion of the job/liliPerform work and conduct activities as directed by the supervisor or designee (Shift Engineer) within their assigned area that pertains to energy conservation, including the repair of leaks, the timely turn-down of lighting and other machinery, etc./li/ul Basic Qualifications:ull