Crew Training International, Inc. UAS Flight Operations Instructor (Gray Eagle MQ-1C) in Sierra, Arizona

UAS Flight Operations Instructor (Gray Eagle MQ-1C)


Education: High school diploma or equivalent combination of education, technical certifications, and/or work/military experience.

Training and Experience:

  • System qualification in Gray Eagle MQ-1C UAS on software version 4.3.3 (UGCS) or later.

  • Must have at least 200 flight hours and 4 years’ experience on Shadow 200 and/or Gray Eagle UAS.

  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a flight physical per AR 95-20.

  • Must be able to satisfactorily complete all evaluations to include TRADOC instructor evaluations per 2/13th Aviation Regiment SOPs, and oral academic evaluations, no-notice evaluations, DES, PFEs, and SFE per AR 95-20.

Computer Skills: Proficient in Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Security Clearance: Must maintain a Secret level security clearance.


  • Procedures for takeoff, landing, and tactical employment of the Gray Eagle UAS.

  • Fundamentals and application of Air Crew Coordination – Enhanced (ACT-E).

  • Capabilities, emergency procedures, limitations, and system logic of the Gray Eagle UAS System and its payloads.

  • Fundamentals and conduct of Gray Eagle UAS Missions with emphasis on a route, zone, and area reconnaissance; aerial surveillance; security operations; and employment of the Gray Eagle UAS in attack missions.

  • Fundamentals of Mission Planning and approval Process to include the METT-TC; Risk Assessment; and Performance Planning.

  • Concepts and application of Army reporting formats to include SALUTE, SALT-W, and BDA reports.

  • Familiarity with National Airspace– restricted areas and class D airspace– and ATC phraseology.

  • A configuration of system radios for flight operations and communications relay.

  • Application of map reading techniques for UAS Operations.

  • Fundamentals of laser safety, different types of lasers on UAS payloads, employment, capabilities, detractors, and effective utilization of lasers during UAS missions.

  • Fundamentals of Combat Vehicle Identification and familiarity with the major US, Allied, and Threat equipment.

  • Concepts and application of military Symbology.

  • Fratricide and how to prevent it as a UAS operator through positive identification of targets and situational awareness.

  • Familiarity with Joint procedures for Call for Indirect Fire and Laser Designation for a Hellfire missile.

  • Familiarity and application of AR 95-23 (UAS Flight Regulations), TC 3-04.63 (UAS Commander’s Guide and ATM – Gray Eagle), TC 3-04.45 (Combat Aviation Gunnery), AR 40-8 (Exogenous Factors), and TC 3-04.93 (Aeromedical Training),

  • Familiarity and application with of DA PAM 738-751 (TAMMS) and maintenance logbook software.

  • Concepts of Decisive Action and how a UAS operates in offensive, defensive, stability, and defense support of civil authorities operations.

  • Concepts and participants in the OE.

  • Fundamentals of the IPB process as a UAS operator will support the commander’s tactical decision-making by providing information that enhances situational awareness of the operational environment.


  • Conduct UAS instruction using lesson plans and material provided by the Government IAW the applicable regulations listed in the references section listed within each specific TO.

  • Test/re-test student(s) in accordance with Government provided references, procedures, and forms.

  • Grade students’ work in accordance with Government provided references, procedures, and forms.

  • Perform other incidental and related duties as required and assigned.

Position Type


Available Locations

  • Fort Huachuca, Sierra, AZ