General Dynamics-OTS Skilled Operator CNC Machinist in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Reference #: SCR17-8560-H Be part of our General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems team in Scranton! The skilled operator works as part of a manufacturing line operating a variety of CNC machines. Skilled operators will produce parts in tolerance at the rate required by each operation. Responsibilities include: Operates and maintains set-up on multi-axis numerically controlled (NC) and computer numerically controlled (CNC) lathes machine tools; and, will address offsets, perform changeovers and set-ups such as changing programs, tool holders, inserts, collets, etc. Performs various combinations of lathe operations such as turning, facing, boring, threading, drilling, reaming, contouring, etc. on metal forgings, casting, bar stock, etc. May run multiple machines at a work center, while lifting, pulling and pushing manufactured products at the established rate of production. Frequently reading, comprehending and observing CNC programs and blue prints. Often making adjustments, offsets and program changes to bring parts into tolerance. Performs all assigned duties. Measures all manufactured products accurately through lifting, pulling, pushing followed by applying proper techniques to hand measuring tools, template gages, flush pin gages and other product-related measuring equipment. Knows basic addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. May be required to operate the nosing press and all associated equipment, which includes inspecting, lifting, pulling and pushing manufactured products at the established rate of production. Regularly sets up, installs, replaces and removes tooling from the nosing press or associated equipment. Continuously monitors and recognizes problems associated with the nosing operation. Often makes adjustments to bring parts into tolerance. The ability to operate the nosing press is not a prerequisite to employment but is a required function of the skilled operator. May be required to set-up, operate and inspect manufactured product on a manual lathe. Repeatedly lifting, tilting, loading and unloading the product from the lathe. Frequently reading and comprehending blue prints, PCR's and other work related documents. Works with and follows Work Instructions, PCR's, Basic Rules of Manufacturing, General Dynamics OTS Environmental ISO Documentation, Quality Policy and other work related policies. At all times demonstrates common safety practices associated with the manufacturing environment and the use of hand or industrial equipment. Is requi... For full info follow application link. GD-OTS is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer - Minorities/Females/Protected Veterans/Disabled If Qualified, Apply via, and follow Employers instructions for consideration.