MERRILL STEEL Machine Operator in SCHOFIELD, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Position Summary The Machine Operator role is a key part of the overall production operation. The primary duties include setting up, programming, and operating machines to saw, cut, shear, slit, drill, punch, crimp, notch, bend, or straighten metal. Personal Characteristics Work Ethic - The kind of person we want has a natural motivation to work hard and stay busy; to be task oriented and not be lazy or look for ways to avoid work. This also includes being punctual and having good attendance. In return, we believe in rewarding people who do a good job and have a good work ethic. Attitude - The kind of person we want rolls through difficult situations and finds solutions rather than getting stuck on problems. The type of person we are looking for is predictably positive and is not unpredictably moody. Aptitude - Even if the skill sets aren't there yet, one's aptitude is his/her potential to perform the role successfully. Someone who grew up on a farm or has other "hands-on" type hobbies, for instance, may not have fabricated structural steel before, but there is a good chance he or she has the potential to learn and be successful in our production environment. Maturity - Maturity is having good character, not gossiping, not being overly dramatic, and being a trustworthy coworker. The type of person we are looking for realizes things will not always go perfectly or as planned and he or she is able to weather the storm and continue to treat others with respect. Essential Duties, Skills, Abilities Ability to work approximately 45 to 55 hours per week. Ability to receive feedback and learn from others. Measure completed workpieces to verify conformance to prints using appropriate Examine completed workpieces for defects such as chipped edges and marred surfaces, and sort Read work orders and production schedules to determine specifications, such as materials to be Set up, program, operate, or tend machines to saw, cut, shear, slit, punch, crimp, drill, notch, bend, or straighten Test and adjust machine speeds and actions, according to product specifications, and using gauges Install, align, and lock specified punches, dies, cutting blades or other fixtures in rams or beds of Position, align, and secure workpieces against fixtures or stops on machine beds or Scribe reference lines on workpieces as guides for cutting operations, according to blueprints, Position guides, stops, holding blocks, or other fixtures to secure and direct workpieces, using hand Turn valves to start flow of coolant against cutting areas and to start airflow that blows cuttings away Set stops on machine beds, change dies, and adjust components, such as rams or power presses, ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply In Person: 900 Alderson Street E-Mail a Rsum: Apply Online: Fax a Rsum: 715-355-0495 Other: For further information about Merrill Iron & Steel, Inc., visit us on our website: Fax resume to 715-355-0495. Fill out application online at: