ActioNet, Inc Disaster Recovery/Continuity of Operations Lead in Rockville, Maryland

Disaster Recovery/Continuity of Operations Lead

IT/Cyber Security/Network Systems

Rockville, Maryland


Position at ActioNet

Disaster Recovery/Continuity of Operations Lead

ActioNet is seeking Disaster Recovery/Continuity of Operations Lead to support the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) Global Infrastructure Development Acquisition (GLINDA) contract in Rockville, MD.


The Disaster Recovery/Continuity of Operations Lead shall perform services over a broad range of Disaster Recovery (DR) and Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning and testing activities as well as provide support for the fail-over and restoration of IT systems, services, and data if an event occurs requiring plan activation for one or more systems or environments. The Disaster Recovery/Continuity of Operations Lead shall also work in conjunction with business and other technical stakeholders to coordinate its services within the larger context of Agency COOP planning.

Job Responsibilities

  • Maintain and continuously optimize the DR planning lifecycle, including plan and capability development and maintenance, plan and capability testing, and fail-over and restoration processes

  • Review and refine the Agency’s fail-over and recovery capabilities based on evolving Agency objectives

  • Review and recommend alternatives based on efficiency and/or effectiveness opportunities, including cloud-based mechanisms for continuous availability

  • Review and update plan and capability inventories, and update documentation related to all existing disaster backup and recovery processing functions in use at the NRC on an annual basis

  • Develop cost-benefit models and analyses for systems to assess the risk and return of other options (e.g. DR-as-a-Service alternatives) to support informed decisions based on functionality and cost

  • Support incremental ongoing re-architecture of existing DR capabilities to utilize emerging technologies such as cloud-based capabilities

  • Manage project resources to ensure proper execution of all tasks

  • Review existing DR/COOP and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and create new DR/COOP SOPS as necessary

  • DR Coordination Services

  • DR Planning Services

  • DR Testing and Optimization Services

  • DR Ongoing Management and Operational Services

  • DR Fail-Over and Restoration Services

  • Related Transition Activities

Experience Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Management, Computer Science or related field,

  • Minimum 8 Years’ experience

  • Strong project management and customer interaction skills

  • Certifications in DR/COOP planning