Empire Precision Plastics Machine Operators in Rochester, New York14608

Review stated quality requirements in Process Documentation Procedure (PDP) on a daily basis. Operator Instructions, Packaging Instructions, Quality Inspection Instructions must be read line by line to ensure thorough understanding of procedures as well as part defect history.
Ensure operator work station at press is properly set up
Verify on the work order that the correct scale is in place and set up sample set per box count verification sheet in the work order
Visually inspect one shot prior to adding product to finished goods box
Package product using care to prevent contamination and/or damage
Count, record and report production scrap
Maintain press collection bins throughout shift to ensure acceptable inspection levels
Maintain consistent machine cycle to ensure quality and productivity on operator jobs
Communicate all quality issues or concerns to Shift Supervisor and Quality Assurance personnel
Inform Shift Supervisor of poor quality yield (high rejects), low production rates, or part containment issues
Clean production area and assist in general housekeeping during the shift and at shift exchange handoff
Move finished goods to warehouse FG Stage location
Ensure the floor and work areas are clean and left acceptable for next shift
Follow company safety policies and special equipment safety practices as needed
Relieve operators for breaks and/or lunches as directed by Shift Supervisor
Assist or replace other team members as needed to ensure production schedule is maintained
Perform other tasks per Shift Supervisor and/or management
Required Skills:
Ability to read, understand and perform written instructions.
Basic math skills
Use of basic measuring equipment
Physical Requirements:
Stand 8 hours per day, able to lift 30 lbs about 3 hours per day, manual dexterity, good eyesight
Educational Requirement:
High school diploma