CoreLinc, LLC Winding machine operator in Roanoke, Alabama

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Description: Work assigned area(s) as designated by Team Leader/Supervisor.

Sign in on work order after reading and comprehending job requirements.

Notify team leader/supervisor with any questions.

Sign out of work order upon completion of tasks.

Check winder setting and drop rate (as applicable.)

Manually verify production roll layer count, verify zip strip is cut to the core and perform checks/inspections in accordance with the operation sheet.

Maintain tape skid identification ticket at cell for duration of use.

Immediately report any quality issues to the team leader/supervisor.

Maintain maximum winder output.

Notify material handler/team leader in a timely manner when additional material will be required.

Observe and report to the team leader/maintenance any mechanical difficulties using the maintenance requests form.

Produce quantity of product required by the work order.

When a changeover is imminent, alert team leader/material handler.

Return unused cover to appropriate box ensuring they are packaged neatly.

Return cover boxes

to the appropriate location.

Reset drop tray and time as needed.

Restart line as soon as possible on the new order.

E-stop winder equipment when leaving equipment unattended.

Maintain good housekeeping in work area.

Other duties as assigned.

Duties: Bending, stooping, some heavy lifting, sitting, standing or long periods of time.