Iowa Employer Farm Machine Operator in RAKE, Iowa

We need seasonal help to haul and spread chicken manure on fields. Employees will need to operate/run/maneuver/control trucks and large tractors to haul and apply chicken manure as fertilizer to fields. Employees will perform various duties associated with applying fertilizers to fields, including the loading and unloading of chicken manure. Operate and monitor pumps. When application is complete the workers will pick up equipment, clean-up work site and prepare to move equipment to next location. Employees will perform routine maintenance on equipment.Require a CDL or equivalent or be able to obtain a CDL within 30 days to allow driving of semi-trucks. Must have experience with air brakes. Work outdoors, exposed to weather. Be able to lift 75 lbs. Employer may pay performance based incentive bonuses at the end of the contract period at the employer's discretion. Require 3 months' experience and a high school diploma or GED.Dates of need: October 30, 2017 to August 30, 2018The employer will provide advance transportation that is reasonable and housing if worker is unable to reasonably return to official domicile in Mason City at the end of the work day. Please visit or contact your local office for details and to review a copy of the ETA 790 that outlines the work agreement for this H-2A job order.