The Concrete Company (Foley Products) Overhead Crane Operator in Prentiss, Mississippi

Job Descriptions:

  • Responsibilities Include:

  • Operates overhead crane to move product and pour concrete

  • Assists in setting up product prior to pours

  • Drives ready-mix truck to pour concrete in forms

  • Assists with finishing concrete

  • Assist in stripping product from the forms

  • Inserts steps and other items as required by product

  • Stencils product after stripped from form

  • Cleans product prior to moving to the yard

  • Cuts wire and rebar and ties wire for forming reinforcement

  • Assists everyone with cleaning plant and equipment

NOTE: The responsibilities and duties listed above are given to outline the basic responsibilities of the position. At times responsibilities or duties that are not listed above may be required.

Benefits include: Health/Dental insurance: Life insurance; 401(k): paid vacation

Foley Products Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Required Experience:

Desired Skills

  • Overhead crane operation experience

  • Work with co-workers and supervisors in meeting production goals

  • Basic math / reading / writing skills

  • Time management, must understand "urgency": of manufacturing

Keyword: Overhead Crane

From: The Concrete Company (Foley Products)