The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Registered Nurse Hospital Operations and Flow Supervisor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

JOB SUMMARY Responsible for oversight of organizational safety and clinical operations as well as flow. This position provides leadership and direct day to day effective supervision of staff. Acts as a liaison with physicians, patients,families and staff. Schedules personnel and makes patient care recommendations and ensures effective patient throughput activities. Makes administrative decisions, provides direction and authorizes and acts in the absence of the department manager and hospital administration. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES Financial Stewardship * Executes and monitors systems to assure consistent and appropriate resource assignment and utilization. * Partners with nurse manager to identify and execute annual unit based quality improvement initiatives that * result in a measurable impact on quality, cost and resource utilization. * Assures efficient and cost effective utilization of Hospital resources at the unit level for day to day operations, clinical programming and unit based education. * Maximizes IT systems to assign staff to meet fluctuations in acuity, census and staffing needs Clinical Excellence * Provide leadership for clinical excellence, personnel management, resource management, fiscal accountability and maintenance of positive working relationships with staff, physicians, managers, patients,their families and the public. * Assures regulatory compliance i.e., environmental, financial, practice, safety, technological, compliance. * Partners with Clinical leaders to execute the action plans for measurable continuous improvement in care outcomes. * Executes unit plans to improve patient/family experience by identifying trends, and establishing systems to improve. * Ensures staff compliance to systems that promote quality, efficient and cost effective care. * Resources daily operations to ensure nursing sensitive indicator metrics are at or above the mean of comparison units. * Identifies opportunities for improvement and develops an action plan to improve patient outcomes. * Make assessment rounds of all patient care areas throughout the hospital at least once per shift. Provide support, guidance, and education for the staff and assists them as needed. * Keeps managers and directors apprised of bed capacity and barriers to patient placements, including the need to consider treat & transfer. * Promote problem identification, investigates hospital incidents, facilitate resolution and follow up and communicate as necessary, assists in documentation of incidents. * Patient Safety Expert who raises safety concerns timely and appropriately. * Collaborates with physicians and nurses to assure appropriate patient placement * Creates efficient flow of patients throughout the hospital * Assures clinically appropriate inpatient bed assignment * Reviews clinical information for scheduled and emergent patient admissions. * Expertise in clinical information systems JOB RESPONSIBILITIES (CONTINUED) Professional Engagement * Manages staff performance through coaching, counselin