RANGE POSITION DESCRIPTION --Duties include developing and maintaining TPS education and operations divisions scheduling requirements. This includes coordination of daily, weekly, and long-range mission activities from various TPS elements i.e. education, Curriculum Development and Flight scheduling etc. Requirements will encompass managing resources, and constraints to ensure all scheduled events are planned, resourced, executed and analyzed according to the master schedule for both the academic and flying curriculums of TPS. The incumbent may be required to identify types and quantities of required missions, scheduling aircraft, airspace, frequencies and range resources; and build daily flying schedules for TPS staff members and students. Coordinates between academic and flying operations divisions, to ensure a smooth flow of planning and execution analysis of the TPS curriculum. Monitors progress of approximately 91 -- 96 students and updates progress in electronic databases. Schedules and tracks curriculum events, currency, upgrade, and evaluation requirements for 100+ staff, attached instructor fliers, and students. This position includes optimization of the master academic and/or flying schedule using analysis tools and creates and tracks scheduling metrics. The selected candidate must be highly responsible, punctual and have proven experience working in a demanding mission support environment.

REQUIREMENTS - EDUCATION, TECHNICAL, AND WORK EXPERIENCE - The incumbent must be a high school graduate and have obtained training from a military school or equivalent on-the-job training specific to functions of the work unit. Possess 5 years experience in the local work unit operations and a minimum of 7 years experience in air operations, airspace management, or associated activities. This position requires working knowledge of overall mission, priority assignments, scheduling procedures, and requirements of range users. The incumbent must have detailed knowledge of range capabilities and limiting factors, operational security constraints, mandatory safety parameters, and support system capability. The employee must have good verbal and written communication skills, be experienced in the use of computer terminals, and proficient in the use of word processing and integrated software applications. The incumbent must be able to work duty days in excess of eight hours, shift work, overnight stays, and weekend work to meet required schedule demands. Incumbent may be required to obtain and maintain a government security clearance and must possess a valid state issued driver's license.

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled