Professional Solutions, LLC Military Operations Integrator (JAST) in Northern Virginia, Virginia

ProSol seeks Operations Integrators to interact directly with the warfighter/requestor and the customer during the development of intelligence products that respond to requests. The Operations Integrator also plays a major role in assisting unit elements in the formulation and integration of the request throughout the operational planning cycle.

The candidate must have the ability to operate effectively under pressure adhering to the ProSol Core Values of Agility: rapid adaptation to the changing requirements and environment of our clients; Excellence: Service quality that exceeds the expectations of our clients; Integrity: Accountability and honesty−always doing the right thing; and Long Term Commitment: Unquestioned loyalty and dedication to our clients, partners and employees.

  • The Operations Integrator actively coordinates the support packages provided to meet unit and subordinate element operational requirements.

  • The Operations Integrator assists in fusing the operational and intelligence information available to the supported unit, providing an operational perspective to the products including target and network analysis packages.

  • All source Intelligence expereince

  • Attack the Network (AtN) expereince


  • Be deployable to the required theater of operations.

    Senior Level requirement: Masters degree and 10 years of relevant experience, or a bachelor's degree and 18 years of relevant experience, or 22 years of relevant work experience.

    Journeyman Level requirement: Bachelors degree and 3 years of experience, or associates degree and 7 years of experience, or 9 years of relevant work experience.


  • Experience working Counter-IED and/or asymmetric threat analysis including counter facilitation.

  • Previous deployment experience providing support to AtN or CT operations.

  • Targeting experience.

Top Secret/SCI

  • Work is primarily performed in an office environment. Typically, employees sit comfortably to do their work, interspersed by brief periods of standing, walking, bending, carrying papers and books, and extensive periods requiring the use of computer terminals to accomplish work objectives.

  • Able to lift up to 50 lbs

  • Monday - Friday

  • Ability to support shifts and weekends

  • Core hours based on contract support

  • Have the ability to support shifts and weeknds

  • As needed to support the mission

  • Up to 50% OCONUS

  • Position will require periodic travel within CONUS and six month deployments to OCONUS locations.

Secondary Job Title: n/a

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