Massachusetts Employer Galvanizing Line Lead Operator in Northbridge, Massachusetts

Position: Galvanizing Line Lead Operator Full Time Summary: Perform a variety of standard galvanizing line operations to set-up, assign personnel various phases of the process, and operate the Galvanizing Line equipment following standard procedures to produce the highest quality galvanized wire. Essential duties and responsibilities: Work from specification sheets, job orders, written and verbal instructions. Set-up manufacturing process while insuring the speed and temperature of equipment is in accordance with prescribed levels for various wire size and types. Determine materials that are necessary as indicated by production specifications, and ensure all process tanks are filled to proper levels as prescribed by engineering supervision, and Quality Control. Select correct spindle for production run and ensure proper installation; feed wire leader through machine and position for pick up by Spindle Operator. Operate equipment, making temperature, speed and product adjustments to equipment as needed to maintain quality and quantity control during processing. Oversee skimming and dressing of zinc tank. Perform minor maintenance and general upkeep of line equipment. Train new, assist, direct and instruct splice/spindle operators to maintain and record production activity. Correct cause of improper processing. Report serious problems to the maintenance department or supervisor. Ensure that all products are properly tagged and that all employees working within are wearing appropriate safety equipment. Assist and instruct, check work of others. Use skimming/drowsing tools in performing those operations. Use Unishear or splice tools during training or while assisting, use hand tools for equipment adjustments. Use various hand and electrical power tools, micrometer, plug gauge, supplies and equipment to perform job. Maintain necessary records. Move materials as necessary in the performance of duties or as directed. Detect and report improper operation of faulty equipment and unusual conditions to the supervisor. Maintain work area and equipment in clean, safe and orderly condition. Follow prescribed safety rules and regulations along with maintaining quality standards. Perform other related duties as assigned by manager. Requirements: Ability to communicate with others. Fluent in English. Must have experience as a team leader, manager or supervisor. Ability to train others. Mechanical ability. Ability to read and use micrometer and measuring tape. Knowledgeable in the use of various hand and electrical power tools. Must be organized. Physical Demands: On feet for most of shift. Lifting up to approximately 50 lbs. Pushing, pulling, turning, twisting, and bending. Moving heavy weight material; such as wire mesh rolls