ICM Controls Corporation Secondary Assembly Operator in North Syracuse, New York

Secondary Assembly Operator

Purpose: Performs steps involved with final assembly of completed units for shipment and/or stock.


Referring to manufacturing process instructions (MPIs), shop packets and posted visual aids:

- Works individually or with group to de-panel and wire printed circuit boards, inspecting board for flaws or damage and confirming all required parts are secured to panel.

- Completes assembly using manual & automatic hand tools and staking equipment.

- Performs first article of inspection (FAI) to ensure initial unit functions properly and meets requirements.

- Selects, sets up and operates test equipment as called for in MPIs to ensure unit performance complies with specifications.

- Separates defective units for Engineering, marking and tagging as required.

- Produces and affixes required labels on parts, marks tested units with appropriate stamp, and places QC stamp mark as required.

- Prepares final units produced in department for shipping, visually inspecting all units to ensure they are free of flaws or cosmetic imperfections.

- Performs check to verify all information on labels agrees with part numbers, quantity numbers.

- Reports all production through use of company information system.

Education: High school or GED required.
Experience: 6 months of experience working in fast paced environment requiring reference to written instructions. Electronics industry experience a plus.

Skills: English literacy to read, interpret and comply with MPIs, communicate with other manufacturing associates; ability to read, recognize and properly decipher and apply information from alpha-numeric designations, ,mechanical drawings, diagrams & sketches; basic math - add, subtract, multiply & divide, common fractions; successful to work with quantitative measures and tests (percentages, decimals) use of simple hand tools and motor skills for assembly; basic computer skills to perform work and report production; ability to be trained to solder.

TO APPLY: Email your resume to humanresources@icmcontrols.com.