Morgan Stanley Services Group Inc. Audit Coverage (ISG Product Operations) Director in New York, New York

Morgan Stanley Services Group Inc. seeks an Audit Coverage (ISG Product Operations) Director in New York, New York to coordinate Operations audits globally, focusing on ISG business. Plan and budget annual audits to cover risks and regulatory requirements for Operations coverage. Coordinate with staff on various audits, providing them with support on audit life cycle and identifying key risks. Communicate audit findings and results to the client management and provide recommendations to address deficiencies and ensure remediation plans are properly executed within a reasonable timeframe. Review periodic risk assessments across multiple functions and business areas to assist in the development of global Operations audit plan and provide firm management, including Board Audit Committee, with quarterly Internal Audit updates. Perform continuous monitoring of Operations and participate as observers in key committees representing Internal Audit. Provide external regulators including FRB, SEC, and OCC periodic updates and assess and closure verify examiner findings, including MRAs and MRIAs. Coordinate with External Financial auditors, Regulatory Examiners, and Compliance testing team, in addition to other Internal Audit teams. Budget, allocate, and coordinate team assignments to audits. Provide oversight and feedback to junior staff.

Requires a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Business Administration, Economics, or related field of study and five (5) years of experience in the position offered or five (5) years of experience as an Auditor, Business Risk Advisor, or related audit or risk assessment role. Will accept any amount of experience with the following skills: assessing risk for processes, businesses, and functions as well as coordinating a global multi-disciplinary audit team in planning, executing, and reporting on integrated financial and technology audits; audit in capital markets business; financial transactions (e.g., valuations, regulatory, collateral, franchise risk, booking of the structured transactions, and their impact to capital and liquidity and legal entity restrictions); securities regulations impacting Operations processes, such as institutional product operations; managing audit projects, including identifying and evaluating key risks, setting audit scope, determining budgets, and staff assignments; and writing and reviewing audit reports, including providing clear and concise findings, and finalizing through discussions with senior client management.