Matheson Linweld Chemical Operator in New Johnsonville, Tennessee

Chemical Operator

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Job Description

Chemical Operator


  • Keeps working area clean and orderly, follows all company procedures and safety policies.

  • Inspects manufacturing equipment on a daily basis to ensure the safe operation of the chemical process.

  • Keeps leak detection equipment, if required, in good working order.


  • Sets up and/or operates manufacturing process in accord with published Work Instructions. Changes reactants, operates valves, controls, and related items to obtain specified flow rates, temperatures and pressures.

  • Fills finished product into cylinders or correlates filling with the Gas Filling Department.

  • Performs general, preventative maintenance on gas or chemical manufacturing equipment.

  • Notifies supervisor when maintenance of equipment requires greater expertise than he/she possesses.

  • Recommends process and equipment changes as needed.

  • Maintains daily inventory production records.

  • Controls inventory of raw material.

  • Performs all other tasks as assigned by local plant management.


  • Adheres to all quality assurance policies and standards.

  • Recommends process changes to improve the quality/purity of the products manufactured.

  • Performs scale and instrument calibration checks as required by Matheson’s quality system.

  • Maintains run charts for performance of scales.

  • Notifies Supervisor of quality assurance problems


  • High school diploma or equivalent. Must be able to perform mathematical exercises of moderate complexity.

Job Location

New Johnsonville, Tennessee, United States

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