Diversified Staffing Services CNC Mill Operator in Mount Clemens, Michigan

class="p1"span class="s1"CNC MILL OPERATOR NEEDED IN MOUNT CLEMENS/span class="p1"span class="s1"5 Years’ experience operating CNC mills /span class="p1"span class="s1"Capable of doing off-sets and changing cutting tools/span class="p1"span class="s1"Prototype experience required/span class="p1"span class="s1"Experience with Fanuc controls and GM Codes a plus/span class="p1"span class="s1"Must be experienced with performing quality checks of machined parts/span class="p1"span class="s1"Job shop/Prototype experience a must/span class="p1"span class="s1"1/spanspan class="s2"supst/sup/spanspan class="s1" Shift/span