Exelon Corporation Mgr RP Operations in MORRIS, Illinois


Responsible for oversight of the Radiation Protection Supervisors, all RP field related activities emergency preparedness, and RP Technician and RP Supervisor training. Responsible for Dresden oversight and support of the standardized Radiation Protection program to ensure implementation of radiological control procedures for personal radiation safety, compliance with federal and state regulatory.

Responsible for the maintenance and field implementation of the Radiation Protection programs including: Unconditional Release, Radioactive Source Control, RP Instrumentation, RP Surveys,, RP job coverage, and Radioactive Material Controls.

Participate in Business Planning, Budget, and Business Performance review regarding site and Fleet. Fulfill managerial responsibilities regarding assigned staff (e. g. Employment, Development, Compensation, Performance Evaluation, etc. ). Ensure consistent and effective work force practices through assigned supervisors/functions.

Responsible to provide oversight of support of Radiation Protection and Radiation Worker training programs, personnel and equipment/area contamination, and radioactive waste generation.

Informs and consults with Station RP Management and Station Sr Mangers on significant problems and ad vises Management relative to radiological hazards and pertinent regulatory requirements.

Any other ancillary duties assigned by the Radiation Protection Manger.



  • Minimum 5 years in RP; 2 years should be related

technical; 4 years may be related technical or academic training


Bachelors degree in Health Physics or equivalent BS degree in science or engineering and five years of professional experience at a nuclear reactor facility


  • Minimum of 10 years professional experience in radiation protection at a nuclear reactor facility (ANSI 18. 1)

  • Successful completion of core supervisory/management training and development programs

  • Must have demonstrated written and oral communicative skills

  • Successful completion of either the NRRPT or CHP certifications

  • Strong knowledge of Code of Federal Regulations, Station Technical Specifications, and Final Safety Analysis Report documents