Precision Castparts Corp. Electron Beam Furnace Operator in Morgantown, Pennsylvania

Furnace Operators!!!

TIMET in Morgantown, PA is looking for Electron Beam Furnace Operators!

Job Summary

Operate and maintain the electron beam furnaces. Interpret and respond to the needs of the equipment. Perform skilled maintenance, set-up and troubleshooting functions as required.

Essential Functions

Follow standard manufacturing and operating procedures

Strong learning aptitude required-75% of the knowledge required must be learned on the job

Must develop an understanding of basic “high vacuum” and “electron beam” technologies

Perform pre-operative checks prior to and during pump down cycle. Use pre-pump and start up checklist

Set up and operate the furnace as directed for melting to include:

Loading material

-Pumping down furnace

-Setting beam programs

-Operating data logging instrumentation

-Melting and casting

-Unloading ingots

Maintain operating records and logs

Maintain material and maintenance needed lists

Perform pumping speed and rate of rise tests to determine condition of vacuum system

Clean out furnaces during maintenance cycles and replace damaged components. Change molds, hearths, shields, and feed devices

Operate leak detectors

Use various hand and power tools as directed

Required Skills:

Furnace Operators will have strong technical ability in either welding, mechanics or electronics.


Requisition ID: 179026.8