ES Engineering, a subsidiary of Montrose Environmental Group, is seeking an Operator for a large, anaerobic digestion waste-to-energy facility located in southwestern Utah. This position will report to the Senior Facility Manager and will be responsible for operating and maintaining a variety of plant equipment in connection with the continuous operation of the facility. Responsibilities will include performing routine maintenance, upgrading and improving equipment around the facility, maintaining facility records and other miscellaneous tasks at the site. The ideal candidate will be comfortable operating independently in a remote location and a demanding environment, while working collaboratively with the team on site. The initial role will be based in southwestern Utah (Beaver County), but the ideal candidate will be joining the team with the ability and flexibility to become involved in other projects in different locations within North America. The current pipeline of anaerobic digestion projects is substantial and the optimal candidate will thrive through being part of a fast-moving, talented team and becoming involved in different projects. ES Engineering provides a variety of different services to its clients within the Water and Waste Water, Biogas, Petroleum and Solid Waste sectors. Specifically, the Biogas team is led by the Chairman of the American Biogas Council and is rapidly expanding its client base of anaerobic digestion facilities. ES is part of a larger firm, Montrose Environmental Group, which is a high-growth environmental company offering Air Quality, Environmental Laboratory, Regulatory Compliance and Engineering services to a diverse range of clients in industry and government. Must be able to provide references. Start timing for position is ASAP. Responsibilities - Duties Perform day-to-day operational tasks at the site, including working with the team to upgrade facility systems, equipment and infrastructure Perform routine maintenance duties and carry out orders from supervisor; also perform minor building maintenance, grounds maintenance, cleaning and custodial duties Start, stop and regulate electric motors, pumps, air compressors and other related equipment Read meters, gauges, and other control and measuring devices; maintain records of facility operations Collect samples for laboratory testing as necessary; analyze, understand and compute lab sample results in order to improve plant performance and keep in optimum operation Ensure compliance with safety protocols for the site Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent 1 to 2 years of waste water plant operations experience Basic understanding of the anaerobic digestion process Solid organization and time-project management skills English language competency Possess a valid driver's license