Louisville Bedding Company Machine Operator - Quilter Operator in Louisville, Kentucky

Machine Operator - Quilter Operator

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  • 10-Aug-2017 to 09-Oct-2017 (EST)

  • Louisville KY

  • Louisville, KY, USA

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Includes health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, short term disability, cancer insurance, 401(k) with match, paid holidays, vacation.

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Quilter Operator operates a machine that quilts cloth and filler to form quilted cloth products.


Essential duties and responsibilities includes the following:

Reads specifications to determine the correct top and bottom cloth, filler, stitch and trim for the order.

Changes over machine from one stitch to another as needed by rearranging needle placement.

Places orders for cloth and thread from Raw Materials Warehouse.

Loads thread. Threads needles and loopers then checks thread tensions.

Loads cloth and filler onto machine with assistance of a hoist.

Depresses start button and machine automatically quilts the cloth and filler.

Monitors quality of production continuously watching for skipped stitches, pleats, holes in cloth or any other defect that causes a pad to be second quality.

Communicates regularly with Quilt Feeder and Quilt Wind-up Operator about specifications, change overs, production problems, etc.

Contacts Maintenance Mechanic for machine problems outside operator's capability to correct. Assists Mechanic as needed.

Fills in for Quilt Wind-up Operator and Quilt Feeder during lunch and breaks.

Maintains expected quality goals.

Maintains expected production goals.

Ensures the next shift has enough supplies to continue operating at the start of the shift without delay.

Completes a production sheet daily to be turned in to the supervisor at end of shift.

Observes all department and company safety rules.

Maintains a clean work area. Uses air hose to properly clean quilter and work area at the end of the shift. Properly disposes of trash, cotton splices and plastic at the end of the shift.

Any other duties as assigned.


Must be able to read and comprehend simple instructions and conduct basic mathematics involving weight measurements.

While performing duties, employee will be regularly required to stand, walk, stoop and bend in order to operate equipment.

Must be able to regularly lift and/or move up to 50 pounds.

May be required to wear personal protective equipment.

Must be able to pass criminal background check and screening for illegal substances.