RR Donnelley Prelim/Prepress Operator (Nightshift) in Los Angeles, California

Prelim/Prepress Operator (Nightshift)

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Job Description

  • Review electronic files that are received from clients and check them for thoroughness and completeness in advance of large format and lithographic printing processes.

  • Using electronic page layout software (desktop publishing software) manipulate the format of outdoor and indoor products like billboard, car wrap, banner, bus-shelter, wall graphics, standee and etc. Also the format of offset printing like catalog, booklet, brochure, poster and more.

  • Determine the requirements of both large format and offset printing items such as fold pocket, paneling, overlap, page layout, accounting for folds, trims, bleeds and gripper, and add zund, crop marks and color bars as necessary.

  • Retouch and color correction the images per your knowledge and directed instructions.

  • Identify missing or problematic components and communicate them to the CSR, customer, and production personnel to resolve any problems with the jobs.

  • Prepare print ready files to send through all large format devices or for printing. Upload files to prepress or client servers for client requests if need.

  • May prepare color proofs for customer review, impose images and operate CTP devices to prepare plates for press. Also perform quality checks on finished plates before releasing to the press department.

Required Skills

  • Must be able to work with various graphic design and layout software applications commonly used on Mac's and PC's (Adobe CS Suite like illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat, Quark and/or Microsoft office a plus).

  • Familiar with different workflows and rips like Pringery, Prep, Heildelberg Prinect, Caldera and etc.

  • A thorough understanding of digital file formats (pdf, tiff, eps) from different operating systems (Mac and PC) is required.

  • 7 years or more experience in preparing files for large format and/or printing industries.

  • Advanced color management skills and the ability to work with different digital file formats are required.

  • Must have the ability to output digital files to various output devices; must have the ability to continue to learn and use new graphics software on an ongoing basis.

  • Mechanical skills using small hand tools in order to make minor repairs and perform maintenance on some equipment a plus.

Job Location

Los Angeles, California, United States

Position Type


Employee Referral Bonus eligible