NJ Employer Sr. Ingred Prep Operator in Logan Township, New Jersey

Tracking Code 20126587 Job Description Key Accountabilities With the support of the Lead Mixer and Bakery Supervisor the batch mixer and ingredient preparer are responsible for scaling out ingredients accurately according to product recipe specifications. Ingredients are then mixed to set parameters of time and temperatures. The uniform dispersion and incorporation of the ingredients will develop into a homogeneous mixture for the targeted characteristics desired for processing the highest quality product standards expected by La Brea Bakery. Responsibilities * Job responsibilities should be in bullet point form with a maximum of 10. Include 85% of position priorities. * Prepare ingredients accurately as specified by recipe; feed starters, mother, potatoes, peppers, onions, etc. * Prepare and mix ingredients to specified mixing time and temperature * Continually monitor and control temperatures of dough during the mixing process and the final mixing stage of the dough. * Add ingredients in the order specified by recipe to obtain desired characteristics * Visually and physically verify the texture of the dough to assure targeted texture characteristics. * Monitor and control efficiency of Rheon Line to assure that dough mixes do not exceed the capacity of the Rheon Line. * Continually monitor and control ingredient inventory control. * Assure that all ingredients are used as per the pick list * Assure that lot numbers on pick list match those provided * Assure that data entry is entered accurately and on time (MOVEX) * Assure that refrigerated ingredients are maintained in the coolers. * Assure when specifications allow reuse of waste dough from the Rheon Line that it is incorporated back into the dough mixes by percentages allowed. * Assure the weight scales are functioning accurately. * Document mixing data accurately and timely. * Maintain mixing equipment clean and sanitize. * Identified batch containers accurately and weigh as required. * Maintain coolers organized, clean; assure ingredients in coolers are identified. * Maintain mixing and ingredient areas organized and clean. * Lift and dump 50 lbs. flour bags consistently for short periods of times. * Monitor that starter on floor does not exceed use time. * Assure mixing documents are completed at the end of the shift and placed in their designated place. * Works to maintain and improve on the quality, legality and safety of each product and the processes used in their manufacture. Responsible for keeping assigned work area clean and tidy at all times and reporting any potential contamination and suspicious activity to a Supervisor immediately. Competency * Analytical - Uses intuition and experience to complement data. * Design - Demonstrates attention to detail. * Problem Solving - Gathers and analyzes information skillfully. * Interpersonal - Focuses on solving conflict, not blaming others; maintains confidentiality; listens to others without interrupting; keeps emotions under control. * Team Work - Balances team and individual responsibilities; exhibits objectivity and openness to others' views. * Delegation - Delegates work assignments; provides recognition for results. * Leadership - Exhibits confidence in self and others; inspires and motivates others to perform well; inspires respect and trust; accepts feedback from others; gives appropriate recognition to others. * Managing People - Takes responsibility for subordinates' activities; makes self available to staff; provides regular performance feedback; continually works to improve supervisory skills. * Quality Management - Looks for ways to improve and promote quality. * Cost Consciousness - Conserves organizational resources. * Ethics - Treats people with respect; keeps commitm