Sunset Produce Rider Jack Operator in Livonia, Michigan

Primary Function:

The essential function of this position is to move product within the warehouse.

Non Negotiable Traits:

To perform the job successfully, the incumbent s behavior must be consistent with the five Non-Negotiable Traits expected of all Mastronardi Produce employees: Be passionate; have absolute integrity; be self-motivated and determined; be a team player and behave as a professional.

Primary Responsibilities:


Move product within warehouse using a rider jack; product will be moved to floor-level storage and shelving

Utilize scanning device and enter accurate information when moving product to any location. Scan product when relocating to new destination

Put All product away from receiving dock (or other location IE shipping, west Cooler) into the correct location IE (Commodity Aisle, Shipping Door, West cooler)

Regularly validate the accuracy of NAV pallet tags, date code stickers, pallet quantities, etc. for pallets being put away or shipped.

Consistently check product quality, box and pallet condition, possible label discrepancies, and anything else that may jeopardize customer service

Bring to the attention of the supervisor of any product that is believed to be below customers specifications or is damaged

Work together with all other equipment operators to maintain 100% inventory accuracy through Scanning process.

Assist in the general clean up and tidiness of the area; ensure the aisles are kept clear of garbage and debris

Report to the supervisor when an inventory rack, piece of equipment, or anything else that may pose a safety risk to employees working in that area

Manually stack (lump) product

Ensure safe/proper operation of equipment per company policy; complete equipment Key-controller checklist each day

Follow department policy concerning the following:

Daily check in process

Breaks and Lunch sign in and out

Scan guns and Radio s

Equipment storage and battery charging

All other duties as assigned


Put and scan product from receiving dock into the correct commodity aisle location

Remove and scan product from the West Cooler (USDA) into the correct commodity aisle location

Scan and ship product from commodity to the correct shipping dock location

Follow the DNS product process when moving product to the DNS area.


Reports to the Production Area Managers.

Responsible for the movement of packaging from the product racks adjacent to the production areas to the production lines upon request from Shift Supervisors.

Must be responsive to all Shift Supervisors via radio, with high visibility through the production area.

Must become familiar with the most frequently used packaging items to increase the efficiency (accuracy and speed) of deliveries to the lines.

Must practice good safety procedures at all times and be experienced with operating the hi-lo due to the dense population of workers within the production areas.

This position must have a high sense of urgency.

Position Requirements:

Rider Jack license

High School Diploma or equivalent

Ability to use a scan gun and calculator

Basic arithmetic and math (counting) skills

Attention to detail

High School Diploma or equivalent

Related work experience in this field

Good communication skills

Operate a rider jack

Be respectful and deal tactfully with customers, other employees and vendors

Valid Driver s License

Working Conditions:

Work in a refrigerated warehouse

Capable of lifting at least 50 lbs

Use of company computer to input information

Physical movement required: lifting, twisting, stacking, bending, squatting, reaching, stepping up and down