Exelon Distribution System Operator - 207393 in Joliet, Illinois

This job was posted by https://illinoisjoblink.illinois.gov : For more information, please see: https://illinoisjoblink.illinois.gov/ada/r/jobs/5144297 Please be advised: This posting is only for our 7 Southeast Community College 2017 Interns whom have been approved to participate onsite in our Internship Program.

No other candidate (Internal or External) will be contacted in regards to this specific posting for this Internship opportunity.


* Optimize the practices, policies, procedures and programs to operate the electric distribution system in a safe, reliable and efficient manner with the welfare of employees, customers, the public and shareholders in mind.

* Follow established operating practices and procedures as they relate to customer restoration, Perform system restoration during storms and emergency events.

* Perform the work of receiving, recording, routing, dispatching customer calls, information, orders, and emergency calls. Serve as the tagging authority by leading and directing the application of the safety tagging procedures. Execute limited line clearance orders by confirming and directing the placement of tags. Lead, direct and supervise associates in restoring customers and safely clearing and restoring equipment.

* Control and operate limited equipment on the 4kV and 12kV distribution system. Control and operate all equipment on the secondary distribution system. Respond to all electrical service interruptions involving distribution equipment. Respond to electrical service interruptions up to and including Power Quality, Part Out and All Out categories at secondary voltages from 120/240V to 277/480V.

* Maintain and apply a working knowledge of the Exelon Management Model for business controls and meet management's expectation for conducting effective business.

* Position may be required to work extended hours, including 24 x 7 coverage during storms or other energy delivery emergencies.




* Dispatch single All-Out, Part-Out and Power Quality Events. Dispatch transformer and fuse level events while tracking electrical configuration of the distribution system in the OMS system.

* Follow established policies, procedures and guidelines on distribution system operations. Maintain the system integrity, reliability and security of the distribution system, including limited equipment on the 4kV and 12kV distribution system in a safe, reliable and efficient manner.

* Prepare interruption reports for all system outages.

* Update ETA / ETR information and maintain outage status in the OMS system.

* Provide adequate ticket comments regarding outage characteristics in the OMS system.

* Direct the placement of protective tags per the EED Lockout Tag Out Procedure

* Keep supervisors informed of abnormal system conditions, major customer outages and equipment related problems

* Maintain current system status information on SCADA displays, operating maps and switching routines. Interface with mapping and monitor the accuracy of new maps issued for project diagram and other related work.

* Maintain operating log, interruption reports and associated records to accurately record system status and sequence of events.

* Contact customers regarding electrical service interruptions on a intentional, unintentional, planned and unplanned basis.

* Draft work requests and work orders for electrical distribution system equipment in need of repair.

* Notify and direct appropriate personnel including but not limited to Operating, Construction, Customer and Contractor Personnel, as may be needed to take the necessary actions associated with outages, equipment failure, emergencies and various events on the distribution system.

* Direct and supervise limited electrical switching, placement of safety tags and testing activities on the system in a safe, reliable and efficient manner.





* Bachelors degree in Engineering or technical field OR

* Bachelors Degree in Electric Engineering

* Associates in technical field / High School diploma or equivalent AND a minimum of 2 years of job experience, preferably in the electrical field

* Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering

* Minimum 2 years of job experience in the electrical field

* Thorough understanding of the EED distribution system, the ability to recognize system configuration and loading issues, ability to formulate contingency plans and thorough knowledge and understanding of proper operating procedures obtained through successful completion of formal OCC training

* Excellent written and oral communication skills

* Demonstrated analytical skills and judgment

* Demonstrated ability to respond to emergencies and manage stressful situations

* Ability to work shift work

* Candidate must receive a "Recommended" result on the System Operator / Power Dispatch (SOPD) test to be eligible for consideration


* Functional control over various operating, construction, testing, customer and contractor groups in the performance of limited electrical switching, repair, testing and related work activities involving lines, transformers, and other equipment under the jurisdiction of the System Dispatcher. The different groups include overhead operating, overhead and