Mississippi Silicon LLC furnace operator in Iuka, Mississippi

Will work in all areas of the furnace; operate weigh scale, mix supplies for use in the furnace, set controls that will regulate all aspects of the furnace; monitor gauges, test results, energy consumption and other furnace requirements and record data in furnace production reporting system. Be able to lift 45 lbs. or apply 45 lbs. of torque pressure, monitor the operation of gauges dials or other indicators to make sure machine is working properly. Will use cranes and other material moving equipment. Will be exposed to potential hazardous conditions, extreme temperatures, follow safety precautions and perform a physically demanding job. Must be able to use hand tools, have knowledge of basic machines/tools, have good communication skills, mechanical aptitude, problem solving skills, adaptability to various working conditions, and work in a team. Will be required to take the Career Readiness Certification test. Employer will schedule the Job Pass test(a hands on skills test). Once the CRC tests are completed you will complete a company application. Pay will be based on experience. ALL plant work will follow the DuPont swing shift schedule.