Hella Corporate Center OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE SPECIALIST in Irapuato, Mexico


  • Carrying out regular operational excellence roadmap reviews
  • Preparing the improvement plan for the location as well as carrying out roadmap activities in agreement with those responsible
  • Investigating the production and production-affiliated areas with the aim of illustrating improvement potentials in the workflow and setup organization, as well as analyzing causes and deriving appropriate measures
  • Involvement in preparing suggestions for improvement and taking over the interface function to CIP;
  • Initiating improvement processes based on the procedure to be used (HelPS); implementing suggestions for improvement as well as necessary measures; forwarding the results to the functions responsible
  • Carrying out improvement projects with regard to workflows, logistic concepts, processes and work systems in the production areas
  • Involvement in the preparation and implementation of standards for technical or organizational processes and logistic workflows, taking the production system into account together with the functions responsible
  • Agreeing operational excellence and HelPS activities with the working methods activities on site in the plant
  • Qualifying and pushing the Kaizen process within the company in cooperation with the functions responsible
  • Providing support in the implementation of the respective tools, ensuring the universality and uniformity of the methods and tools introduced in cooperation with the location manager
  • Grooming a network of experts at the location for the guided improvement process as well as representing the plant in the international operational excellence/ HelPS network; preparing and accompanying and/or carrying out HelPS workshops as well as monitoring and following up on the implementation of plan of action measures
  • Supporting development teams in realizing new projects (products) in terms of production-related matters (design to manufacturing); supporting the exchange of experience between production and development (lessons learned)
  • Carrying out internal success checks for measures initiated by comparing business management data in cooperation with those responsible (sustainability checks)
  • Taking over the function of contact for the subject of 'lean production' as well as communicating the subject to executives and staff
  • Instructing, guiding and supporting the operational excellence employees at the location being supported


  • * Job Objective*

Providing support during planning and steering of the operational excellence roadmap for the respective location, managing OE projects at the location. Carrying out improvement measures within production and in functions close to production; preparing suggestions for improvement for a lean production system and implementing measures to increase efficiency during assembly, pre-production and logistics as well as traceability; forming an interface between the TtM and OtD processes; coordinating specific and standardized advanced development of the Hella production system HelPS.

  • Job-related Experience: Up to 3 years

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