HILL AIR FORCE BASE Mobile Equipment Operator (Missile) in HILL AFB, Utah

Location: Hill Air Force Base § Jobs involved in the operation and operational maintenance of self-propelled transportation and other mobile equipment (except aircraft) used to move materials or passengers, including motor vehicles, engineering and construction equipment, large missile transporters , tractors, etc., some of which may be equipped with power takeoff and controls to operate special purpose equipment. § Mobile Equipment Operators in the Ogden Air Logistics Complex operate specialized over-sized weapon transportation system vehicle combinations with a GVW in excess of 120,000 pounds in the transporting of Inter-continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) assets to the various missile wings, contractor facilities, test sites, etc. § They operate explosive laden vehicles long haul over interstate and secondary roads pulling steep and winding grades with the over-sized load. § Work involves roll-transfer, handling, placing, and storage of large solid propellant ballistic rocket motor and-or missile assets. § Work requires precision vehicle alignment within ¼ inch in order to mate the trailer to the facility for loading- unloading, which involves intense concentration during load movement maneuvering. Pay Grade Progression (wages may vary slightly based on location): § Mobile Equipment Operator candidates will typically be hired at the WG-8 Step 1 pay level ($20.95 per hour). § Selectees with well-proven experience may be offered a higher starting pay grade. § WG-8s will be promoted to the full performance level of WG-10 (starting at $23.78 per hour) at the discretion of the supervisor once work ethic, technical knowledge and skills proficiency are demonstrated. Approved Job Elements Used to Evaluate Candidate Qualifications: 1) SCREENOUT ELEMENT: Applicants must have the ability to do the work of the position without more than normal supervision to be rated eligible for a particular grade level in the occupation. 2) Operation of Motor Vehicles 3) Work Practices (includes keeping things neat, clean, and in order) 4) Ability To Interpret Instructions, Specifications, etc. (related to mobile equipment operation) 5) Ability to Drive Safely (Motor Vehicles) 6) Ability To Operate Safely (Non-Motor Vehicle) 7) Reliability and Dependability as a Mobile Equipment Operator (Missile Maintenance) Typical Physical Requirements ( not all inclusive - may vary based on work center, position responsibilities ): § Frequently lifts and carries items weighing up to 25 pounds and heavier objects with assistance. § Requires rapid mental and muscular coordination simultaneously when operating equipment and motorized vehicles. § Work involves frequent bending, reaching, crouching, standing, and arm movement. Sometimes must work in awkward positions or cramped areas. § Frequently moves and maneuvers large, heavy equipment and missiles using 110 ton Gantry crane and various overhead bridge cranes, unique missile lifting slings and other devices which requires working above shoulder. § Visual requirements may include: depth perception; ability to distinguish basics colors. Typical Conditions of Employment ( not all inclusive - may vary based on work center, position responsibilities ): § May be required to work rotating days, nights, and weekend shifts. Subject to call back to meet emergency situations. § May work in areas of hazardous explosives, rocket engine propellant, toxic vapors and fluids, high noise, high pnuedraulic and hydraulic pressures and extreme weather conditions. § Work requires a Commercial Driver's License with a Hazardous Materials Endorsement. § May be required to obtain