Prism Solar Technologies, Inc. Machine Operator in Highland, New York

Machine Operator, Prism Solar, Highland, NY

Full-time, regular, M-F, 6:30am to 3:00pm, but the schedule is subject to change based on production requirements. Overtime may be required. GED/HSD. Technical degree or training preferred, previous production experience and understanding of industrial systems and PLC logic.

Performs all tasks involved with the automated and possible manual interconnecting of silicon based solar cells to metallic interconnecting ribbons for the production solar modules. The operator also carries out the responsibility of the automated and possibly manual positioning and alignment of the electrical components within the solar module. This position follows standard work methods and practices safe work habits to ensure production is as efficient and safe as possible.

Primary duties: Follows without exception, all work instructions and safety rules, including use of all PPE and safety equipment, maintains expected quality standards, participates in the general housekeeping of plant and work area. Trained in all aspects of module production, and adheres to the procedures outlined in Process Work Instructions (PWI's). Generally performs with supervision, production tasks which include: Moves and stages materials; Daily maintenance and startup of manufacturing equipment; Daily production crossover between product type; Inspection and quality control testing; Inventory management of maintenance and spare parts for production equipment;
Troubleshooting and repair of manufacturing equipment-electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and PLC programming; Equipment programming/product recipe creation; Manage maintenance logs and schedule preventative maintenance and other duties as assigned. Communicate in an efficient manner with co-workers and supervisor to insure jobs are done correctly.

If interested fax resume attention Rhonda Hoffmann 845-883-4394 or email to