Aryzta Bakery Machine Operator 2nd shift in Hazleton, Pennsylvania

Tracking Code 20126654 Job Description Position Purpose To operate a production line in a safe and efficient manor to minimize waste and produce a product conforming to all quality and company standards. Legibly maintain correct records of downtimes, and the reasons for all loss in production time or waste. Key Accountabilities Applies basic skills to ensure that products are meeting all company specifications, and ensuring that all job duties that affect safety, legality, and quality standards are addressed. Comply with company code of conduct through working safely and efficiently in both a team and individual environment. Adapt techniques as needed to perform duties and tasks in a timely and routine manner. Perform all tasks as directed by the production supervisors to attain the company and customers production needs. Read, follow, and communicate the production schedule with team members, support staff, and the production supervisors to properly prepare materials and machinery for every scheduled production run. Ensure that all materials are consumed in a cost effective manner that limits unnecessary waste. Report any damaged, faulty, out dated, or incorrect supplies to a supervisor for proper documentation and handling. All paperwork must be legible and completed by the end of every shift. Understand and implement the knowledge in the Aryzta values throughout the facility and your teams to ensure continuous improvement for the company, customers, and employees. Responsibilities * Maintain all flour sifters and flour bins in an appropriate manor to ensure that the line is able to run smoothly and efficiently. * Clean all rollers and belts as necessary to ensure they are clear of debris and in the correct position. In the event that a belt is not functioning or positioned incorrectly, mechanics should be called using a radio or the overhead PA system. * Communicate all issues clearly with line inspectors and mixers to ensure that the products maintain the correct size, weight, and consistency. Make changes as needed to ensure a continuous, efficient, and safe work flow. Break relief is the first contact for operators/mixers for issues that do not impact major waste, excessive downtime, or quality/safety issues. They have a radio to contact maintenance/supervisors if the issue is beyond their knowledge base. * Troubleshoot issues before getting maintenance or supervisors involved if it is a minor issue. Communicate the issues to the break relief, mechanics, or supervisors as needed to ensure safe and efficient production runs. * Operators are required to use the paging system or their respective break relief to rely information to packing about the line status such as downtimes, major gaps in production, incorrect or misshaped products that have entered the freezer, and line start-up and ending times for each production run. * Keeping accurate and neat records of production downtimes, areas impacted by downtimes, and what (if known) caused the downtime. Check all belts in timely manor, and record dough weight at the specified time interval ensuring each batch of dough is properly accounted for. * Proper communication of issues to coworkers or the proper department(s) (ie. Sanitation, Maintenance, or Quality Assurance) as needed through use of radio s or overhead PA system. All positions are part of a team and must communicate and work together to ensure a safe and efficient work flow. * Report any products that may contain foreign materials immediately to the production supervisors so the proper steps can be taken to alleviate or