Mississippi Employer De-barker operator (Laurel WJC) in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

De-Barker : POSITION IS IN MONTICELLO, MS. This is an HMC V 216 24 Rosser Head de-barker with a 28 pass-through ,with a 40 capability, joystick and foot peddle controls ,over-sized climate controlled cab, auto lube system, brand new unit. Operator is responsible for controlling the in-feed deck, the de-barker ,the log haul passing logs through the new MDI whole log metal detector and the logs going to the saw in-feed deck (photo-eye controlled ), the bark trailer loading system-new barn-sweep type self-leveling conveyer- has a camera on the chipper with a shut-down capability. Operator is required to fill out a daily inspection report and is responsible for a portion of basic-level daily maintenance and shall report directly to their supervisor any issues or concerns. This employer is located in Monticello, MS.