Mississippi Employer Cut off saw operator (Laurel WJC) in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Cut-Off Saw/Sorting Station : POSITION IS IN MONTICELLO, MS. This is a Tronco cut-off saw with joystick controls as well as a PLC controlled internet enabled touch screen system all in an over-sized climate controlled cab. Operator should have good math skills and be a quick thinker as well as good hand/eye co-ordination. Primary function of operator is to size timbers and cut into appropriate lengths via a touch screen system and to send timbers to correct bins( four bins used ) while maintaining a specified target width of 48. System is programmable and can be tailored to the right operator. Operator will be required to fill out a daily checklist and is responsible for a portion of the daily maintenance and shall report directly to their supervisor with any issues or concerns. This job is in Monticello, MS.