SIX FLAGS GREAT AMERICA Ride Operations Team Member in GURNEE, Illinois

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Attend required Human Resources Discovery, Rides Department training, and specific ride training. Adhere to Six Flags Standards of Appearance and Attendance policy as stated in the Six Flags Handbook. Provide courteous greetings and answer any Guest questions. Respond to and resolve Guest comments whenever possible. Ensure Guest safety and satisfaction during their visit. Enforce all rider restrictions including monitoring and measuring for height requirements. Assist with pairing up of single riders and proper grouping techniques to ensure greater capacity. Take hourly turnstile readings. Respond to any emergency situation in the area and maintain control until a Supervisor arrives. Monitor and enforce Park line jumping and smoking policies. Clean ride units and ride areas as needed, including Guest Illnesses. Assist with downtime situations and evacuation, if a ride cannot be restarted. Be able to communicate proper hand signals as called for during ride operation. Watch ride and waiting Guests during the ride cycle. Physically check restraints. Assist Guests as they exit the ride. Manually open restraints when necessary. Operate the secondary control panel and visually monitor ride during operation and be prepared to stop the ride during critical situations. Complete ride certification tests, corrected to 100% proficiency. Complete Witness Statements as needed. Stand at the control panel of the ride and run the ride by pressing appropriate buttons, visually monitoring control panel for flashing lights/solid lights, and be prepared to stop the ride during critical situations. Give announcements via a public address system when necessary. When assigned by a Rides Lead or Supervisor - perform test rides to ensure continued safety before operation and at least once every two hours for each ride at the unit. Report any unsafe acts to your Lead or Supervisor. Maintaining all aspects of restaurant seating/patio area cleanliness by wiping down all tables and chairs; returning food trays to the kitchen as necessary; lining all trash cans with bags, emptying when full, wiping and re-bagging trash cans. Maintaining all aspects of midway cleanliness by continuously carrying a pan and broom to sweep leaves, trash and debris; lining all trash cans with bags, emptying when full, wiping down and re-bagging trash cans; filling a utility cart and moving it to backstage areas when changing multiple trash cans at once; pushing standing water on midways using a squeegee; wiping down benches as necessary; picking up (by hand) any trash that cannot be swept up. Monitoring trash can and bench locations and moving to proper location when necessary. ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Able to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment Able to communicate effectively in the English language, including the ability to read, speak and understand the English language. ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Online: