GREEN BAY DRESSED BEEF, LLC Salt Filler-Line Operator (17-NL23) in GREEN BAY, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Help assemble equipment; lock out and tag out all equipment before the assembly process is started. Set up conveyors speed. When production starts, adjust the conveyor speeds to achieve a 30 minute soak time. Bring salt from dry storage. Work with Rabbi to control the amount of salt on the meat. Fill rinse tanks. Turn all conveyors on, and make sure they are all working properly. Turn water sprayers on, and make sure each nozzle is spraying. Communicate with blender and combo dumper operators for meat changes. Enter meat changes on X-ray machine. Keep salt hopper full throughout out the production day. Perform grinder checks once per day for an 8 hour shift and twice per day if over 9 hours. Record grinder check information. Adjust salt table belt speed to ensure the meat has one hour of time before it hits the first rinse. The sprayers on the rinse tanks should remain on during production. Monitor metal detectors. When the first metal detector rejects, inform QA. Keep a clean area at all times. Tape up any bag that is damaged while transporting it to production; salt needs to be swept up and thrown away. Enter meat changes on x-ray. When production is finished, disassemble equipment after all lock out tag out procedures are followed. Pour left over salt into a white barrel; cover with a bag, label it, and seal for the next day. Save labels from salt bags and give them to the lead person at the end of the shift. Disassemble equipment, wash coarse grinder plate and place it in the plate box to be sharpened. Bring blades from coarse grinder to the office along with paperwork. Report any problems to the lead person. ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Ability to attend work consistently. Ability to work safely, wear PPE, and follow all safety rules. Display a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. Be adaptable and dependable with ability to follow direction and work in cooperation with others. Be attentive to detail. Maintain a clean work area. Follow all food safety and SQF rules. Must be able to perform Level 4 capacity work. ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply In Person: Green Bay Dressed Beef, LLC 544 Acme Street Green Bay, WI 54302 920-436-4220 Job Center 701 Cherry Street Green Bay, WI 54301 Other: YOU MUST FILL OUT THE APPLICATION FORM COMPLETELY. Failure to answer any question, or leaving any space blank, or checking more boxes than requested means you are not following directions and will likely result in you not being considered for employment. If not applicable, write N/A or none. DO NOT CONTACT THE COMPANY TO CHECK THE STATUS OF YOUR APPLICATION. If you are not contacted for an interview while your application is active, the Company has determined that you will not be interviewed at this time.