Navy Exchange Motor Vehicle Operator / Laundry Machine Operator in Great Lakes, Illinois

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Job Summary: Operates a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle with gross vehicle weight of more than 10,000 pounds and up to 26,000 pounds, primarily to pick-up and/or deliver of supplies, garments and articles. Operates commerical laundry equipment. Duties and Responsibilities: Operates a motor vehicle for pick-up and delivery of soiled linen and distribution of clean linen and supplies. Loads and unloads vehicle as required; assures that laundry/supplies are properly distributed and that vehicle is not loaded beyond capacity. Signs for and obtains receipt for merchandise and articles being received. Checks to insure that loads conform to receipts. Insures that merchandise is protected from damage or bad weather. Completes trip tickets and driver accident reports. May also drive other types and size vehicles for which qualified and licensed, when required. - Completes pre and post trips inspection reports and performs preventive maintenance on assigned vehicle (or vehicle being utilized for that days work). - Performs duties in the Laundry Area such as: washing garments and articles (i.e., towels, gowns, blankets, spreads, rugs, jackets, etc.,) by operating a number of machines e.g., washers, tumblers, extractors, dryers, etc. Sorting and weighing garments and loading into washers manually. Prepares formulas for the various types and degrees of soiled laundry, following established instructions. Processing laundry types ensuring differences in water temperatures, number and timing of cycles, and addition of compounds and conditioners at various stages. At completion of cycle, unloads laundry and places in extractors and/or tumblers. Places wet garments in dryers utilizing separate compartments and sets timer based on type of garments, etc. Removes and places in baskets for further processing (i.e., folding, pressing). - Maintains working areas in a clean and orderly manner. - Works under the general supervision of a designated supervisor who makes assignments. Controls consists of specific instructions at the time vehicle is dispatched. Driver's ability is regularly observed and evaluated. Vehicle is intermittently spot checked for abuse and accomplishment of preventive maintenance; trip tickets are checked for compliance with regulations and completeness. Laundry work is reviewed for cleanliness, neatness and customer satisfaction. PHYSICAL EFFORT: Moderate physical effort is required in maneuvering the controls to operate the vehicle and in handling objects weighing up to 40 pounds and occasionally heavier with assistance while loading and unloading cargo. LAUNDRY WORK: Ability to pull wet laundry from the washer, push heavy carts of wet laundry, from the washer, push heavy carts of wet laundry, and lift bundles weighing over 50 pounds. WORKING CONDITIONS: Works outside and is occasionally exposed to bad weather while loading and unloading vehicles. Is subject to cuts, bruises, and broken bones as a result of accidents while driving or when loading and unloading vehicles. Is exposed to the possibility of serious accidents while driving in all types of traffic and weather. LAUNDRY WORK: Laundry area is very noisy and usually hot and humid. Workers are constantly exposed to the possibility of bruises from moving carts or falls on wet floors in the washing area. - Performs other related duties as assigned.