Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Purification Lead Operator in Changzhi,

21671BRReq No.:21671BRJob Description and Qualifications:


The AP/ LuAn JVCo Purification facility comprises ( 2 * (CO Shift Unit, RWU(Lurgi Rectisol Wash Unit) and FDU(Fine Desulfurization Unit)), 1* (CO2 Compress, Propylene Compress, Boiler Feed Water (BFW) Supply Station) to produce 727600Nm3/h (H2/CO) for Synfuel Product, 155590Nm3/h (CO2) for pulverized coal transport and Rich H2S Fraction to customer recovery to solid Sulfur Product, to supply 1441t/h qualified BFW to customer at the same time. 空气化工/潞安合资公司净化装置,包括:2 套* 一氧化碳变换单元、酸性气体脱除单元(鲁奇低温甲醇洗工艺)、精脱硫单元,一套二氧化碳压缩单元、丙烯压缩单元、锅炉给水供应站,生产727600Nm3/h (H2/CO)供用户的合成油装置、155590Nm3/h (CO2)供煤气化装置粉煤输送用、富硫化氢气体供硫回收装置回收制取固体硫磺,同时供应1441t/h锅炉给水给用户。

A primary accountability of this position is as a P Shift Leader assistance role for safety of all operations personnel. The position facilitates planning, organizing, and follow up, help to build AP safety culture into the Shift Purification Operation Team. 该岗位的主要职责之一就是协助净化值班长负责所辖人员的安全,促进空气化工安全理念在净化班组中得到贯彻。

The P Lead Operator (four-turn-shifts) leads a shift operation team of approximately 13 people which includes and 2x Deputy Lead Operator, 6 x field Operator. 净化主操(四班倒)负责整个由副操2人、外操6人、DCS人员2 人、运行电工2人和取样工1 人组成的13人的轮班管理。

All P Lead Operator are under training position, to develop for the future AP’s new Purification Plant operation as Shift Supervisor. 净化主操在现职岗位的同时也作为空气化工新的净化值班长的后备人员培养。

The P Lead Operator shall focus on maintaining the Purification Plant’s supply reliability, productivity, and providing training to the new operators to build operating & EHS competency in his (her) shift. 净化主操须集中全部精力维护净化装置的安、稳、长、满、优运行,并对新员工提供培训,以提高他们在岗位操作和安全、环保、健康意识和能力。

The P Lead Operator must help the P Shift Leader to lead the shift members to monitor the Purification Plant running and follow the Customer Dispatching Order to adjust the plant capacity to meet the customer’s production requirement. 净化装置主操应协助净化值班长带领全班人员服从用户当班调度的指示,及时调节装置运行参数,以满足用户需要。

The P Lead Operator must lead the shift members to handle the emergency matters in Purification Plant according to the Emergency Program and follow the Customer Dispatching Order to recovery the Unit operation which tripped or Emergency shutdown. 净化主操应能带领全班人员根据预想事故处理方案对净化装置作紧急处理,并在用户调度的指令下组织本班人员恢复跳车或停车装置的运行。




Total Employee所辖员工:

Entity No.:

Immediate : 2人

Total : 13人

(AP/LuAn JVCo空气化工/潞安合资公司)

Capital investment投资:

Operating expense budget运行费用:

308.5 MM USD

7.5 MM USD (Operation labors only, Maintenance, power and utilities passed through,仅含操作人工费用,维修、电和公用工程费用实报实销)

Material Cost财料费用:

0.34 MM USD (Capital spare parts only, lube oils, chemicals and consumable material passed through仅含资产备件 ,润滑油(脂)、化学品、易耗材料等实报实销)


  • Facilitate the use of and compliance to AP EH&S standards in Purification Plant ops such that EH&S performance continually improves and performance goals are met or exceeded. Ultimate result desire zero injuries. 在净化装置运行管理中推进和服从空气化工全部环保、健康、安全标准,进行持续改进以达到或优于管理目标。终极目标是“零伤害”。

  • Provide effective leadership to the Purification operating team to ensure the plant is operated safely, efficiently and in compliance with contractual requirements & on-stream guarantees. 有效的领导部属确保净化装置安全、高效运行,服从和满足合同要求,不断提高装置在线运行率。

  • Ensure compliance with process safety, MOC’s, and OPHR’s requirements. 必须遵守工艺安全、变更管理及运行装置危险性分析提出的有关安全要求。

  • Maintain effective work processes, drive continuous improvement and sharing of best operation practices at the plants. 高效地组织操作管理,对净化装置操作进行持续改进,并分享净化装置运行经验。

  • Execute site routine patrol inspection, discover and eliminate the potential safety hazard. 组织实施现场按时巡检,发现和消除可能的安全危害。

  • Enhance contact with upstream and downstream units, keep the eyes on the variation of process operation condition, do the best to stabilize the process operation index. 加强和上下游装置的密切联系,关注操作条件的变化,尽一切可能稳定工艺运行指标。

  • Manage the training of new operating staff for the Purification Shift Ops Team. 对本班新的净化装置运行人员岗位培训进行有效的管理。


2 * (CO Shift Unit, RWU(Lurgi Rectisol Wash Unit) and FDU(Fine Desulfurization Unit)), 1* (CO2 Compress, Propylene Compress, Boiler Feed Water (BFW) Supply Station.包括:2 套 一氧化碳变换单元、酸性气体脱除单元(鲁奇低温甲醇洗工艺)、精脱硫单元,一套二氧化碳压缩单元、丙烯压缩单元、锅炉给水供应站。


College Degree minimum. Diploma in same as minimum

Candidates for this position will be evaluated on the basis of the following:

-- Demonstrated managerial, leadership and interpersonal skills

-- A track record of success on Safety, Environmental, Quality and Employee Involvement

-- Ability to interface with upstream and downstream plant shift Lead Operator.

-- Experience in Coal Purification plant or equivalent complexity operation and maintenance.

-- Having a demonstrated record of continued advancement from Deputy Lead Operator Position with at least 2 years of relative plant experiences or present Lead Operator Position 1 year above.



有较强的管理能力、领导能力和人际交往能力。 有在安全、环保、质量控制和员工管理方面的成功业绩。 具备与上下游装置副操良好沟通的能力。 具有在煤气净化装置或类似复杂装置操作与维护的经验。





Total Employee所辖员工:

Entity No.:

Job Title:Purification Lead OperatorEmployment Type:Asia - Regular Employment Status:Full TimeLocation:AS-CN-ChangzhiCountry:ChinaRegion:AsiaOrganization:Global Industrial GasesBusiness Sector / Division:Industrial Gases Asia