STG, Inc VTC Operator in Fort Bragg, North Carolina

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About the Job:
This position is in support of STG's FORSCOM mission at Fort Bragg NC.

As a VTC Facilitator:
Schedule last-minute VTC rooms and adjust previously scheduled rooms
Collect participant information and distribute connection information
Investigate VTC requests with partial information (no or wrong connection information)
Assist customer with finding VTC POCs to get necessary information
Field phone calls from participants and customers on VTC request changes
Make phone calls to various VTC bridges in search of VTC connection information
Update the VTC team schedule with additional requests
Test FORSCOM VTC equipment for functionality
Test/Troubleshoot far-end participants for connection functionality for no specific VTC
Troubleshoot VTC system issues
Screen displays
AMX panel issues (resetting)
Codec resetting
Alternate SAFE key holder / commercial security

As a VTC Technician:
Build VTC in TelePresence
Manually connect VTC rooms to TelePresence Bridge
Troubleshoot far-end participant participants for scheduled VTCs
Maintain ongoing VTCs via AMX panel, web-user interface (diagnostics), and TelePresence
Operate AMX touch panels, Tandberg CODECS, and MCU
Note consistent issues and recommend workaround solutions for host client and far-end users

As VTC Support:
Troubleshoot port connection issues for laptops and peripheral devices
Troubleshoot computer displays
Troubleshoot screen resolution
Build and troubleshoot teleconferences for customers
Assist customers with setting up speaker phones with SVOIP
Connect mobile operating systems to VTC equipment
Inquire about changes to scheduled VTC
Inquire about last-minute unscheduled VTCs
Inquire about information that is not passed on to VTC team
Regularly communicate and assist VIP customers via in-person, phone, and email
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