Texas Employer ACE & Field Operations Rep Driver - (6383) in EL PASO, Texas

AmeriGas Job Details ACE Delivery Rep Driver - (6383) Job Class Full-time Location # 7069-Montoya/El Paso, TX* - EL PASO, TX 79932 US (Primary) Job Type ACE & Field Operations - DOT Job Description AmeriGas Propane is the nation's largest propane distributor, serving over 2 million residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and motor fuel propane customers in all 50 states. AmeriGas is listed on the New York stock exchange NYSE: APU . For more information visit our website at www.amerigas.com Job Summary: The ACE Delivery Rep delivers filled gas grill cylinders (20s) to customer locations that resell the cylinders to individual consumers. AmeriGas ACE customers can include large retail chains, such as Wal-Mart, Jewel, and Home Depot, and small independent retailers such as gas stations, convenience stores, or hardware stores. Full cylinders are placed into the customer's storage cage and exchanged for empty cylinders, which are loaded back onto the truck and taken back to the AmeriGas facility for refill. The number of daily deliveries and quantity of tanks exchanged at each stop may vary based upon the region of the country and the season of the year. An average range of deliveries may vary from 10 stops per day exchanging 150 to 200 tanks, up to 25 to 30 stops per day exchanging 300 to 600 tanks. Upon return to the AmeriGas facility, empty tanks are generally unloaded, filled and reloaded back onto the truck by a Utility Worker. Primary Duties and Responsibilities Drive one to two truckloads of filled cylinders to customer sites daily and exchange these cylinders for empties. (340 cylinders per truckload.) Place filled cylinders into customers' storage cages, remove empty cylinders, and reload empty cylinders back onto the truck. May require rearranging cylinders on the truck to keep the empty cylinders to the back and on the bottom, so that filled cylinders can be easily accessed at the next stop. Other Duties and Responsibilities (As needed basis) Weather conditions may require shoveling snow to get through alleys to customer locations or to gain access to storage cages. Move any materials that may be blocking customer storage cages. Unload, refill, and reload tanks when working on Saturday or Sunday to meet customer demand in peak season. Experience: One year of experience in this field Education: High School Diploma/GED License/Certification: Class A Commercial Driver's License Weights Handled: Cylinder Type Weight Range Empty Gas Grill Cylinders (20s) 16-25 pounds Full Gas Grill Cylinders (20s) 35-36 pounds Physical Demands: Climbing up steps (13, 32, and 39 inches) into truck approximately 30 to 40 times per day. Climbing up side of truck to get to the higher stack of cylinders (about 84 inches high). Pull out step under bay is 22 inches high. Walking over four miles per day (distance will vary seasonally). Lifting/carrying two empty cylinders at a time varying distances from 10 feet to over 50 feet, about 75 to 300 times per day on average. Lifting/carrying two full cylinders at a time varying distances from 10 feet to over 50 feet, about 75 to 300 times per day on average. Reaching upward to place and/or throw the empty cylinders onto the top of the stack of empties (higher stacks are 66 and 84 inches high) about 100 times per day on average: 16-25 pounds force. Pulling full cylinders off of the stacks of cylinders in the truck (stacks: 30", 48", 66", and 84" high) about 150 to 600 times per day on average: 35-35 pounds force. Pulling down the sliding cover over each bay at each stop (harder in winter): 63 to 77 pounds force. Pulling up the sliding cover over each bay at each stop (harder in winter): 43 to 68 pounds force. Reaching up to the top of the stacked cylinders in the truck bay to retrieve full cylinders. The highest level accessed is 84 inches from ground level. Bending to ground level to place cylinders in th