Georgia Employer SINGLEFACE OPERATOR - 2ND SHIFT in Conyers, Georgia

Safely operate wet end of the machine while reducing waste,running quality board and quickly making adjustments for reduced down time. Sets up and operates machine to corrugate and face paperboard to form corrugated paperboard material for containers: Positions rolls of paperboard on machine feed rack, using hydraulic hoist. Threads paperboard through feed, tension, corrugating, and gluing rollers, and fills glue reservoirs. Starts machine and turns dials, wheels, and valves to adjust machine running speed, tension on pressure rolls, temperature of drying belt, and to synchronize speed of feed rolls. Records production data from yardage indicator. Reads production sheets. May operate machine that corrugates and combines three sheets and be designated Double-Facing-Corrugating-Machine Operator; or two sheets and be designated Single-Facing-Corrugating-Machine Operator. May operate machine to line paperboard with paper only and be designated Board-Lining-Machine Operator. Operate singlefacer and understand all parts of the machine and roles. Troubleshoot machine malfunctions Follow all company policies per Employee Handbook & Code of Conduct. Follow all company safety guidelines. Performs other job-related duties as assigned.