Owens Corning Lift Truck Operator Shipping in Compton, California

The Shipping Lift Truck Operator is an hourly position and reports to the Shipping Leader. This operator is responsible for the unloading and loading of trucks, movement of raw materials to the proper storage locations and submission of all paperwork in a timely manner to ensure customer satisfaction, process and inventory accuracies. Principal Duties and Responsibilities: SAFETY Inspect the lifting operation. Inspect the side shift op. Inspect the lights. Inspect the tires. Check the water level. Check the oil level. Inspect the surface yard, checking for holes in the ground. LOADING TRUCK Tell the driver to log in at the guard shed. Check the order date. Ensure that the correct product is obtained. If the order is not correct, call a supervisor or the Material Management Specialist Ask the driver to come inside. Ask the driver what the destination of the load is. Ask for the driver’s name. Park the truck as close as possible to the product to be loaded. Tell the driver to disconnect the air hose. Put a Glad Lock on. Chock the wheels. Start loading the truck. When finished loading the truck, take out Lading and Picking reports. Get a coworker to check the load. Instruct the driver to sign the order. Instruct the driver to give paperwork to the back-end guard. Remove the Glad Lock. Remove the wheel chocks. UNLOADING MAT AT THE LOADING DOCK Chock the truck’s wheels. Tell the driver to disconnect the air pressure hose and lock it. Tell the driver to log in with the guard. Take of the chain guard. Lift up the plate form all the way up and let it drop. Use the clamp truck to unload mat rolls. Keep an eye out for the packing list roll. When finished unloading the rolls, hoop up the safety chain again on the dock guard. Remove the wheel chocks from the truck. Remove the Glad Lock from the air pressure hose. When there are no trucks left in the yard, begin picking up all wood debris. Sweep with the sweeper, on the yard and inside the warehouse. Pickup all paperwork and bring it to the office. PGI all orders that need PGI. Lockup the shipping office and park the forklift in its designated parking area. UNLOADING MLA When a truck of MLA comes in, direct the driver to where to park the truck. Ask the driver what product is on the truck. Chock the truck’s wheels. Check the level on the bulk tank. Cover the drain opening by the white recycle tanks. Get to the top of the MLA bulk tank and open the valve to the west side. Make sure the hoses are clean before connecting to the truck. Get a portable car to lay down MLA hose. Put on a face shield. Start up the MLA pump. Ask the driver to open the truck’s valve. If the tank is too full, remain at the top of the MLA bulk tank and ask the driver to stay there to turn off the pump when necessary. When finished pumping, ask the driver to disconnect the hose. Clean off the end of the hose. Hook up the hose to the camalong. Leave the hose hanging up securely. Remove the wheel chocks from the truck. Remove anything hanging from the truck. Sign paperwork. Instruct the driver to return to Trumbull. GAS PROPANE REFILL PROCEDURE Park the forklift close to the propane tank. Turn off the engine on the forklift. Connect the cable to the forklift tank. Use a face shield while refilling the gas tank. Close the pressure release valve on the hose nozzle. Open the pressure release valve on the forklift gas tank. Turn on the gas pump. Monitor the propane tank gauge. Turn off the pump as soon as gas begins to exit the release valve. Shut off the release valve on the gas tank. Open the release valve on the gas hose and release all pressure. Disconnect the gas hose from the gas tank. Return the hose to its correct storage location. QUALITY Ensure that the condition of granules is consistent with quality expectations. Make sure the mini bins are clean before use. If the granules are not correct, call a supervisor or the Technical Supervisor (Gary Keith). Acquire samples and send them back to M with the truck driver. UNLOADING GRANULES Tell the driver to log on the sheet. Set the mini bins under the unloading conveyor. Maintain awareness and caution while stacking mini bins in the warehouse. Start the unloading belts. Tell the driver to open the truck gate. Start unloading the truck. Log in the time at which the truck has finished being unloaded. SKILLS AND ABILITIES The employee should hold the following abilities: Must be able to read, write and speak English. Understanding verbal and written instructions Strong internal and external customer service and communication skills Performing basic mathematical calculations Recording material usage and scrap information Input of data into SAP Strong Product knowledge COMPUTER AND SOFTWARE COMPETENCIES The employee must be able to: Perform all required transactions in SAP including printing out all shipping documents. Basic Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE The employee should have the following: Minimum high school diploma or equivalent is required Possess valid Industrial lift truck driver certification.