Taylor Corporation Printing press Operator in Coldwater, Ohio

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Perform all equipment functions as noted on the work order/job ticket. • Prepare supplies to operate equipment. Maintain proper work flow and distribution throughout run for both the form impression and numbering head fountains, where required. Match ink colors as necessary. • Check paper for type, size, color and quantity. • If Applicable, check plates for correct format; mounts on plate cylinders with sufficient packing so as to make proper impression, as applicable. Adjust water rollers to deliver proper moisture to plate cylinders and maintain water fountain solution supply. • Visually inspect forms throughout run for quality checks, registrations, looking at inking, numbering sequence, clear impression. • Coordinate with Production Team to produce and prioritize jobs, and when necessary reorganize to meet deadline changes and updates. • Maintain knowledge of safety requirements of job and equipment; be familiar with Material Safety Data Sheets regarding chemicals used. • Operate collator to produce customized jobs. • Visually inspect forms throughout run for quality checks and numbering sequence. • Clean and maintain equipment and work area following maintenance procedures and update maintenance logs. • Monitor and manage inventory of supplies. Order and stock supplies as instructed by supervisor. • Inform supervisor of equipment problems. • Wear appropriate safety protection as required. • Participate as a key player in the Production Team by supporting operations as needed. • Communicate effectively with the Plant Manager, Production Manager, Client Care Team and Production Team informing and updating them regularly to guarantee that both sales and customer objectives are met. • Follow systems and procedures outlined in company manual.

JOB TITLE: Machine Operator II JOB CODE/GRADE: 300022/6 DEPT: Craft Workers REPORTS TO: Production Supervisor